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    Player: hi
    Baltim: Hi there. I hope you’re here to trade and not to waste my time.
    Player: trade
    Baltim: Of course, just browse through my wares.
    Player: job
    Baltim: I am the overseer of this little outpost. You probably had already some encounters with my men. Hehe. Serves those cut-throats right if you taught them some manners.
    Player: name
    Baltim: I’m Baltim, not that it would be of your concern.20:31 Player: svargrond
    Baltim: I hate that place and I would love to burn down that whole settlement.
    Player: carlin
    Baltim: Carlin lost interest in this place quite fast.
    Player: mines
    Baltim: The mines are not at our disposal for now but also here we have enough to plunder for a while.
    Player: excalibug
    Baltim: A myth the locals probably enjoy.
    Player: ferumbras
    Baltim: His appearances are good for business.
    Player: yeti
    Baltim: I know some people that might sell a fortune for a yeti fur.
    Player: barbarian
    Baltim: Those barbarians will regret the day they turned our offers down.
    Player: raiders
    Baltim: One barbarian is as worse as the other if you ask me.
    Player: equipment / buy / stuff / offer / goods / sell
    Baltim: I don’t sell wares, but ask me for a trade if you have an offer for me.
    Player: how are you?
    Baltim: Yeah, as if you care.
    Player: venore
    Baltim: I wonder if things were better if Venore ran the mining operations.
    Player: thais
    Baltim: Thais has no affairs here.
    Player: edron
    Baltim: We should rather concentrate on Edron than wasting our time here and freezing our toes off. But who listens to me?
    Player: dwarf
    Baltim: It seems even the dwarfs know better than to try their luck here.
    Player: monster
    Baltim: At least most monsters are smart enough to stay away from the barbarians. So it’s somewhat safe in the city … if it were not for the barbarians themselves that is.
    Player: elf
    Baltim: The elves are of no great help here. They prefer to stay in warmer climates.
    Player: god
    Baltim: This place is godforsaken.
    Player: chakoya
    Baltim: Never heard about something like that.
    Player: banor
    Baltim: Banor is a god of honour and valour. Attributes that are not very common among the local barbarians.
    Player: uman
    Baltim: I assume the only one praying to Uman here is that hermit that lives somewhere to the west in the mountains.
    Player: zathroth
    Baltim: I wouldn’t be surprised if those raiders are worshipping Zathroth in their hidden camps.
    Player: king / queen
    Baltim: I couldn’t care less for kings and queens. Here I’m the king as long as I can pay the guys and keep them suspicious of each other.
    Player: chyll
    Baltim: You probably talked too much to this superstitious barbarians.
    Player: year of serpent
    Baltim: We have not seen a single serpent here. Not likely that far in the North anyway. Probably the whole serpent story has been made up by cowardly seamen of Carlin.
    Player: cult
    Baltim: I have no clue what you are talking about.
    Player: druid
    Baltim: Those Carlin druids are responsible for most of our troubles.
    Player: enemy
    Baltim: Our enemies are numerous. But cut-throats and ruffians are easily replaced.
    Player: jarl
    Baltim: The barbarian chieftain did not welcome us obviously influenced by those Carlin rats. So we have built our own little outpost here and do whatever we like.
    Player: join
    Baltim: We get our men from Venore. If you are looking for a job, you’ll have to ask there.
    Player: leaders
    Baltim: I’m in charge here on behalf of Venore.
    Player: mission / quest / task
    Baltim: I don’t have anything to do for you.
    Player: news
    Baltim: Well, you don’t look like you could pay for the really important news so it is sufficient to say that business is growing.
    Player: port hope
    Baltim: I’d love an assignment in Port Hope, on the other hand, here I can make my own decisions.
    Player: rumours
    Baltim: They say that not one of the Carliners that has been sent to the mine has returned. If you ask me, they got what they deserved!
    Player: nibelor
    Baltim: Some place where those treacherous witches of the barbarians gather. Too bad we have no assassin at our disposal.
    Player: plundering
    Baltim: I don’t mind if the people of Svargrond convict us of hunting seals. We earn good money with it.
    Player: shaman
    Baltim: Their witchcraft won’t save them when Venore decides it is time to intervene with force.
    Player: bye
    Baltim: Bye.

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