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    Come in fellow seekers of truth and welcome to TibiaSecrets’ 1st contest ever! The purpose of the contest is to design a Bonelord-themed banner and logo for our website.

    All rules, details and prizes can also be found in #contest-entries chat of our Discord.

    We await you in our Discord server! Good luck.
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    Contest Rules

    • Submissions must be posted in #contest-entries channel in our Discord;
    • Submissions must comply with the technical guidelines;
    • There’s no limit to the number of submissions one user can submit, but only one prize can be awarded per participant;
    • Entries must be your own creation and they cannot plagiarise someone else’s work. Any attempt of cheating will result in instant banishment;
    • The deadline is September, 9th 2021;
    • Your submission should contain the name and server of the character who will receive the prize if you find yourself among the winners;
    • Submissions may not contain any inappropriate content;
    • TibiaSecrets team members will not participate in the contest;
    • TibiaSecrets reserves the right not to use the winning logo/banner and choose one of the other entries instead. Moreover, we reserve the right not to use the winning logo/banner if there will be no submissions that meet our expectations;
    • By participating in the competition you agree that Tibiasecrets becomes the owner of all rights to the submitted graphics.


    Contest Details

    • Both logo and banner should have a reference to Bonelord – a regular one, not for example Elder Bonelord;
    • Submitted graphics should match the style of our site, which is quite gloomy/dark/mysterious. Pink Bonelord unfortunately won’t do it. 😉
    • The banner should include “TibiaSecrets” in any place, logo – not necessarily;
    • Minor animations are allowed


    Winner Selection

    • TibiaSecrets staff will choose 4 winners. 4th place will get a honorary prize sponsored by TibiaSecrets team.


    Technical Guidelines

    • In case of winning you must provide us the editable files – .ai/ .eps/ .ps, etc.


      • You have to provide at least two images/photos or animation/video showing the logo creation stage
      • The logo must be published in PNG format. Additionally, it should have a transparent background
      • It should be 2D, horizontal and generally it should fit in the space where our current logo “TibiaSecrets” is on the page:
        But you can submit it any size, in case of winning we’ll ask you for editable file, so we would be able to rescale it.


      • It will be used in the “Fansites” section on

    Size: 150px x 100px
    Format: gif
    Max weight: 65KB


    1st Place: Golden Warrior Trophy + Yellow Rose + Rune Emblem of choice
    + +

    2nd Place: Silver Warrior Trophy + Blue Sphere + Rune Emblem of choice
    + +

    3rd Place: Bronze Warrior Trophy + Vampire Doll + Rune Emblem of choice

    + +

    4th Place: 300 transferable Tibia Coins sponsored by TibiaSecrets

    5th Place: 200 transferable Tibia Coins sponsored by TibiaSecrets

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