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    Player: hi / hello
    Barry: Hello. Unless you have official business here or want to pass the gate, please move on.
    Player: alchemist quarter
    Barry: I’d be careful if I went there. Some people have never come back, and those who did are ill in one or the other way.
    Player: arena quarter
    Barry: A lot of trouble has been coming from that quarter lately. It seems that the former fighters and gladiators have changed in most unexpected ways.
    Player: augur
    Barry: They were appointed by the Yalahari to execute supervising and controlling tasks.
    Player: cemetery quarter
    Barry: You will not be able to attend any religious ceremonies in that quarter, that’s a fact. Better stay away.
    Player: factory quarter
    Barry: The old factory is just south of here. The machines and worker golems are not really functioning anymore, but you still hear their operating sounds.
    Player: fenrock
    Barry: Yes, you’re right. People are calling that snowy island Fenrock.
    Player: foreign quarter
    Barry: I’m glad I don’t have to do shifts there. It’s interesting, but there are constantly fights going on.
    Player: island
    Barry: Neither Captain Karith nor Captain Cookie are sailing to the outer islands. I haven’t found anyone yet to bring me there.
    Player: job / business
    Barry: I’m a sergeant of the Yalaharian Guard Force.
    Player: magician quarter
    Barry: A quarter full of talented magicians, illustrious figures and dangerous magical creatures. The latter cause most of the problems in this quarter.
    Player: mission
    Barry: Excuse me? I’m not sure which mission you are talking about, just tell me what you want from me.
    Player: mistrock
    Barry: Mistrock? Yes, maybe that’s the name. I’m not sure.
    Player: name
    Barry: I’m called Barry.
    Player: pass / gate
    Barry: Do you want to pass the gate? Are you going to the magician or the sunken quarter?
    Player: quarter
    Barry: We have eight quarters plus the centre, and each of them is like an own microcosm.
    Player: random word
    Barry: This is of no importance to me right now.
    Player: sunken quarter
    Barry: You know, I was guarding this gate here at the time the southern quarter collapsed. It’s something I’ll never be able to erase from my mind.
    Player: trade quarter
    Barry: Mr. West is not as bad as some people make him look like. He’s a bit like ‘steal from the rich to give it to the poor’, in my opinion.
    Player: vengoth
    Barry: I heard about Vengoth, but not much.
    Player: Yalahar
    Barry: I actually like the city. There’s so much going on in all those small streets and corners, it’s really entertaining.
    Player: bye
    Barry: Goodbye citizen!

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