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    Player: hi / hello
    Benevola: Greetings. I hope you are here on a mission for nature!
    Player: Alkestios
    Benevola: You know his name so I assume you have talked to him. I know how you feel. I was also rather surprised to meet a talking deer. He told me that he’s not really an animal. But if you want to learn more, please talk to himself. …
    Benevola: I know a few things about him but I’m not sure what I’m allowed to reveal. Perhaps he will tell you more about himself and the reasons for his presence here.
    Player: balance
    Benevola: The natural balance is a delicate thing. Greed is its greatest enemy. I do that little that I can do to preserve the balance.
    Player: Cruelo
    Benevola: I think nothing will ever be able to change this man’s attitude. After all, only living things can willingly change for the better and his soul died a long time ago.
    Player: elves
    Benevola: Many have lost their touch to nature. They have given in to greed and the excuse of necessity. …
    Benevola: Yet, some still know, at least deep in their hearts, what is the right thing to do. This is my hope.
    Player: greed
    Benevola: The wolves hunt their share until they feel no hunger anymore. Greedy people hunt the deer for its antlers and fur. The lowered deer population leave the wolves starving and aggressive until they become a threat.
    Player: hunger
    Benevola: As long as many hungry wolves are out there, the deer population cannot recover. Therefore I placed magical traps in the wilderness. …
    Benevola: The traps will recognise any wolf that is starving and then pacify and magically shrink it. …
    Benevola: When you lured a starving wolf into a trap, please bring it to me. I will keep it in suspended animation until the balance is restored.
    Player: job
    Benevola: I’m a preserver of nature. It’s a sad thing, but as so many so-called intelligent beings tamper with nature’s balance, it has become necessary to adjust things to maintain the balance.
    Player: nature
    Benevola: Nature’s balance sometimes seems like a myth or unreachable ideal. But we must do our part in keeping the balance because our intelligence gives us this responsibility.
    Player: status
    Benevola: The wildlife is healthy and vibrant.
    Player: white deer
    Benevola: There are many stories and legends about the white deer. For sure it is a magnificent beast but this might be its downfall. It’s majesty awakes the greed in the hearts of others and greed is balance’s greatest enemy.
    Player: wolves
    Benevola: You might have occasionally encountered a few wolves and probably even fought them. Those are the few wolves that got too hungry and daring so they left their hiding place. …
    Benevola: Most wolves of a population you won’t see at all though. They hide in the shadows and hunt by night. You only see them when the hunger drives them out and you will see that hunger makes them ferocious enemies.
    Player: mission / wolf
    Benevola: Have you captured any wolf?
    Player: no
    Benevola: Too bad.
    Player: bye
    Benevola: Good bye.

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