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    NPC: Bertram

    Player: gossip/rumor/rumour
    Bertram: A good servant would never lower himself to participate in gossip.
    Player: Herbert
    Bertram: He is not only extremely stupid and uncultivated, but also quite greedy.
    Player: job
    Bertram: I’m a servant of Mr. Loveless.
    Player: key/fish
    Bertram: Pssst. You got that key, and now leave please.
    Player: kiss
    Bertram: I’d rather kiss a pig.
    Player: Liberty Bay
    Bertram: A lovely little place, isn’t it?
    Player: Loveless/Theodore
    Bertram: Mr. Loveless is a very important person. It’s my privilege to help him sometimes.
    Player: manners
    Bertram: As a servant I’m schooled in proper behaviour and adequate speech.
    Player: merchant/trader
    Bertram: The Venorean traders have vital interests in Liberty Bay.
    Player: name
    Bertram: My name isBertram.
    Player: pirates
    Bertram: What a disgusting topic. I’d expected something else of you.
    Player: random word
    Bertram: I’m sorry but I’m not supposed to indulge in gossip.
    Player: servant
    Bertram: I’m responsible for Mr. Loveless’s wellness and happiness …
    Bertram: I see to it that his slippers are ready in the morning, prepare his meals and serve them to him, and other things like that.
    Player: thais
    Bertram: Thais is by far not at the forefront when it comes to manners and cultivated behaviour.
    Player: venore
    Bertram: Venore is a wonderful town. I’m positive, one day, Mr. Loveless will return to Venore.

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