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    NPC: Drog
    NPC: Bolfona

    Note: Transcription made with both NPCs (If they talk together, the sentences make more sense.)

    Player: hi
    Bolfona: Are you talking to me? Well, go on chatting but don’t expect an answer.
    Player: beer / chocolate cake
    Bolfona: Did you hear something about old Borre? Haven’t seen him for a while.
    Drog: I heard that he’s been missing for a week now. For sure that half-blind mole fell into the lava!
    Player: beregar / rehal
    Drog: These 20 beers each evening kill ME. Muahahahaha!
    Bolfona: These 20 hour shifts kill me.
    Player: buy / shop
    Bolfona: If you pay for it, no problem.
    Drog: Bol……I’d love to lay down under a cask of beer and you open it. You think that’s possible?
    Player: chatting / tavern
    Bolfona: I am not sure if I’d like to trade with you.
    Player: druid / sell
    Bolfona: I told you 1000 times, it’s because of the mushrooms. They grow faster and so the flavour of the mushroom beer is better!
    Drog: One question Bol: Why don’t you have an urinal in your tavern?
    Player: dwarf / emperor
    Bolfona: Guys, I have a good one. Do you know the term for a foolish, tall being that roams through Beregar? ….It’s a HUMAN! Hahahaha!
    Drog: Muahahahaha!!!
    Player: food / meat
    Bolfona: Have you heard the rumours about that other dwarven city?
    Drog: NO WAY! You’re kiddin’ me?!?!
    Player: Grombur
    Bolfona: I’ll give a good thrashing to the next lucky dwarf who spills beer on my counter. Understand?!
    Drog: Calm down Bol!
    Player: ham / paladin
    Bolfona: Bad?!? It was your 13th beer today!!!
    Drog: Hey Bol, that last beer you gave me yesterday must have been bad. It took me 2 hours to get to my place!
    Player: job
    Bolfona: I’m standing behind the counter in a tavern. What do you think I’m doing?
    Drog: <giggles>
    Player: kazordoon / quest
    Drog: Naa, it was in the northern mine. I’m on duty in the western mine this month.
    Bolfona: Hey Drog, have you been in the mines when that rotworm attack took place?
    Player: knight / sorcerer
    Bolfona: You still owe me 2000 gold from our last game.
    Drog: Wanna play dice Bol?
    Player: male / female
    Drog: Ohoh, I gotta go now. Just remembered that I have a rotworm in my oven.
    Bolfona: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?
    Player: man / woman
    Bolfona: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?
    Player: mine / offer
    Drog: About time, Bol honey!
    Bolfona: Drog, your next beer is on its way!
    Player: name
    Drog: <Gulp gulp>….Ahhhh.
    Bolfona: Who are you that you are interested in a dwarf woman?!? Pick someone of your own kind.
    Player: trade
    Bolfona: Oh well, you don’t seem to be THAT bad. What do you want?
    Player: bye
    Bolfona: Good news!

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    What does Drog say when we only talk to him?

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    I think he says the same thing but I will try to check it out when I have some time.


    If he talks alone, he says the same things.

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