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    NPC: Bradford

    Player: hi / hello
    Bradford: Greetings, traveller Player.
    Player: Carlin
    Bradford: In Carlin the arts are held in high value. I’d love to visit that city one day. If I only wouldn’t get seasick that easily.
    Player: Charlotta
    Bradford: Charlotta is a healer who is knowledgeable about herbs and such. She’s done many good things for the society.
    Player: Chondur
    Bradford: Chondur is some reclusive sage that lives, hidden from disturbing people, on some remote but beautiful isle.
    Player: cult
    Bradford: I don’t know anything specific about some cult. Of course I heard rumours that there actually is some cult but I don’t know if it is true or what that cult is all about.
    Player: Eleonore
    Bradford: *Sighs* What a beauty. But out of reach for a common man like me. She inspired me to a few love songs and poems though <blushes>.
    Player: excalibug
    Bradford: The legends about this weapon are by far older than our settlement. So I doubt that anyone will find a clue about its whereabouts here.
    Player: Explorer Society
    Bradford: I’d love to explore and travel on my own. Sadly I get seasick as soon as I set a foot on a plank. *sighs* It must be wonderful to see the wonders of the world. Just imagine, every day would be a new adventure.
    Player: Ferumbras
    Bradford: Once Ferumbras was the most powerful sorcerer in the known lands. He was in liege with the powers of evil and darkness. Rumour has it that he is so evil that not even hell can keep him captive after his death …
    Bradford: So he escapes now and then to the world of the living to wreak havoc once again.
    Player: governor
    Bradford: I don’t understand much about politics but it must be an enormous responsibility to rule such a growing community like ours. It must be marvellous to see things evolving and growing on account of plans you made and decisions you took.
    Player: Isolde
    Bradford: Isolde’s beauty is second only to that of the governor’s daughter Eleonore. Although I think she’s a bit melancholic most of the time, the knight Tristan has lost his heart to her.
    Player: job / traveller
    Bradford: I’m a bard and entertain the sailors and travellers here with my songs.
    Player: king
    Bradford: I only wish the king would visit us here one day. It must be great to see his majesty and all of his wealth and power with your own eyes.
    Player: liberty bay
    Bradford: It’s such a lovely city. Of course, everybody likes his home best, but it is hard to believe any other city could have that much charm.
    Player: loveless / theodore
    Bradford: He is a wealthy tradesman from Venore. If you have seen the precious furniture of his villa, you begin to wonder how rich and marvellous Venore must be.
    Player: natives
    Bradford: Some people call the families of the first settlers natives. I hope these artificial boundaries will vanish one day.
    Player: pirate
    Bradford: Pirates live a life of freedom. Roaming the seas at it pleases them. Having a live of thrill, adventure and exploration.
    Player: plantations
    Bradford: The workers created their own kind of music. It’s a bit strange but lovely nonetheless.
    Player: quara
    Bradford: These murderous fishmen are the curse of Liberty Bay. They seem to raid us with the only purpose to murder and to scare us.
    Player: Raymond Striker
    Bradford: Raymond Striker is the epitome of a pirate. Handsome and daring, leading his crew with cunning and bravery from adventure to adventure.
    Player: rum
    Bradford: A little rum now and then greases the throat and gives your voice the right timbre.
    Player: sugar
    Bradford: Sugar is as sweet as the kiss of a woman.
    Player: thais
    Bradford: Thais is the centre of a huge kingdom. As such it must be marvellous and filled with wonders and people from all over the world.
    Player: treasure
    Bradford: Hmmm, I’m just not in the mood to talk about treasures right now.
    Player: Tristan
    Bradford: He is a young and friendly knight. He’s quite competent in the arts of war and trains aspiring knights.
    Player: venore
    Bradford: I heard Venore was built completely in a swamp. It must be a great sight indeed to see that strange city with your own eyes.
    Player: voodoo
    Bradford: That’s some sort of dark magic that evil witches and necromancers command.
    Player: Wyrmslicer
    Bradford: He is a hero of the Thaian army, a seasoned fighter and a great tactician. He is an idol for his men and inspires their courage.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Bradford: Farewell, Player.

    Special dialogue 1

    Player: song
    Bradford: Do you want me to sing a song?
    Player: yes
    Bradford: Ding! Dong! The witch is dead! The witch is dead…

    Special dialogue 2

    Player: song
    Bradford: Do you want me to sing a song?
    Player: no
    Bradford: Oh, ok. Perhaps another time.

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