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    NPC: Brodrosch

    Player: hi / hiho / hello
    Brodrosch: Welcome, Mogh! May Earth protect you, even whilst sailing! Need a passage or a ticket for the ore wagon system here?
    Player: ab’dendriel / carlin venore / thais / darama / darashia / folda / vega / senja / ice islands / liberty bay / port hope / svargrond / yalahar
    Brodrosch: This is a steamship that travels only subterraneously. No way to get on that risky ocean.
    Player: beer
    Brodrosch: Sometimes being drunk means seeing two rivers. I survive by steering right between them.
    Player: buy / sell
    Brodrosch: This is not a shop, damn it!
    Player: captain
    Brodrosch: Of course, I am the captain. But I am also a technomancer.
    Player: cormaya
    Brodrosch: So you want to go to Cormaya? 150 gold?
    Player: dwarf
    Brodrosch: Deep inside, we’re all dwarfs.
    Player: farmine
    Brodrosch: Would you like me to take you to Farmine for 200 gold?
    Player: gurbasch
    Brodrosch: Ah, my brother in Cormaya. He also steers steamships.
    Player: inventions / inventors
    Brodrosch: Yes. There could have been thousands of our inventions, if they wouldn’t explode all the time…
    Player: job / work
    Brodrosch: Look at my blackened beard? I’m the steamship captain!
    Player: kazordoon
    Brodrosch: Hey, we ARE at Kazordoon! Must be the cave madness…
    Player: name
    Brodrosch: I am Brodrosch Steamtrousers, son of the Machine, of the Molten Rock.
    Player: passage
    Brodrosch: Where do you want me to take you? To Cormaya or to Farmine?
    Player: poem
    Brodrosch: Sorry, too busy with caring for my machines!
    Player: ship
    Brodrosch: This is a great ship. Ha! It works without wind but with fire, and it travels not on the ocean but beneath the earth!
    Player: technomancer
    Brodrosch: Being a technomancer is a privilege few dwarfs have. We form earth and fire through powerful technology into tools. Also, we are great inventors.
    Player: thorgrin
    Brodrosch: He’s a distant cousin.
    Player: tibia
    Brodrosch: Tibia? Just don’t ask.
    Player: ticket / ore wagon / ride / travel
    Brodrosch: Your weekly ticket is still valid. Would be a waste of money to purchase a second one.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Brodrosch: Earth under your feet … it’s still better than lava.

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