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    Player: hi / hello
    Bruce: Good day, sir. If you have no official business or want to pass the gate, please move on.
    Player: alchemist quarter
    Bruce: There has been a huge explosion due to some unknown experiments. Ever since then, the quarter is contaminated.
    Player: arena quarter
    Bruce: This used to be a great recreation area with a zoo and a lively arena.
    Player: augur
    Bruce: They are our supervisors.
    Player: cemetery quarter
    Bruce: This is the quarter to the east. Don’t expect any worshippers of our Tibian gods though.
    Player: factory quarter
    Bruce: Those old and malfunctioning machines could pose a threat to civilians.
    Player: fenrock
    Bruce: It’s a snowy island to the west.
    Player: foreign quarter
    Bruce: New inhabitants are arriving daily, and most will be stuck in the foreigners’ quarter forever.
    Player: island
    Bruce: Which island are you talking about? Mistrock, Fenrock or Vengoth?
    Player: job / business
    Bruce: Master Sergeant of the Yalaharian Guard Force, sir.
    Player: magician quarter
    Bruce: I have huge respect for those highly educated magicians living there and dealing with the other magical creatures each day.
    Player: mission
    Bruce: What is that mission you are talking about?
    Player: mistrock
    Bruce: No one knows what this island is really called, but the people stick with ‘mistrock’ due to it being covered in mist.
    Player: name
    Bruce: My name is Bruce.
    Player: pass / gate
    Bruce: Should I let you pass the gate? Are you headed for the alchemist or the cemetery quarter?
    Player: quarter
    Bruce: Our guards protect the gates between all eight quarters.
    Player: random word
    Bruce: I have nothing to say about that topic.
    Player: sunken quarter
    Bruce: The quarter collapsed into the ocean.
    Player: trade quarter
    Bruce: I think it’s an outrage that this quarter is controlled by criminals.
    Player: vengoth
    Bruce: One day the vampires on Vengoth will become a big threat. We should expect the worst from that place.
    Player: Yalahar
    Bruce: I will protect this city with my life.
    Player: bye
    Bruce: Goodbye citizen!

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