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    Player: Hi
    Captain Jack Rat: Hail, pirat! Come on board to go home! Welcome on board of the ship Flying Bat. Should I set the sails?
    Player: Sails
    Captain Jack Rat: There are two different routes. The dangerous one will be available once a day and it is likely that a seemonster will attack the ship once again. …
    Captain Jack Rat: Maybe fighting it for several times will expel it from this region permanently. Feel free to help reaching this goal!
    There is also a recently discovered safe route that avoids the dangerous seemonster region. This is always available.
    Player: Safe
    Captain Jack Rat: Do you want to take the safe route?
    Player: Name
    Captain Jack Rat: My name is Jack Rat, captain jack rat.
    Player: Job
    Captain Jack Rat: I am the captain of this ship on the coast.
    Player: Bye
    Captain Jack Rat: Farewell!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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