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    Player: Hi
    Cerdras: Greetings, my friend! Is there anything I can do for you!
    Player: Do for you/Job
    Cerdras: I’m merely a humble druid like so many others here. I may not be the most talented of healers, but I am gifted with a special attunement to the elements.
    Player: Elements
    Cerdras: How can I explain my connection to the elements so that you can understand it? Hmmm, it is like a faint melody, a song, that is always there. …
    Cerdras: I hear that melody shifting in time with the shifts in the elements. With so many years of listening, I have learned to interpret these shifts and so come to a deeper understanding of the elements. …
    Cerdras: It was a natural step for me to become responsible for researching elemental lore. I try to learn as much as I can and share it with my fellow druids. …
    Cerdras: Unfortunately, much of my understanding is instinctive, and our language just doesn’t contain the right words for me to adequately express the things I feel.
    Player: Song/Melody
    Cerdras: It is hard to explain. Of course, it’s not a real song as you would understand it. I don’t hear it with my ears, but rather, I feel it deep inside of me. …
    Cerdras: Calling it a song or melody is the best I can do to describe it to those who don’t share this kind of perception. …
    Cerdras: It also helps me to express and understand something for which our language has no appropriate expression. …
    Cerdras: You know, we are so dependent on words that we can’t think about concepts when we don’t have words for them. …
    Cerdras: I sometimes think words have become just as much of a hindrance as a help. …
    Cerdras: Perhaps we would fare better if only we forgot words and dealt purely in feelings. Then perhaps all of us could hear the wonderful melody of nature.
    Player: Nature
    Cerdras: For me, nature is the harmony of the elements. This harmony can be disturbed by certain events, but nature always finds its way back to harmony in the end.
    Player: Druid
    Cerdras: <sigh> Druids are supposed to be healers and preservers of nature. And what have most of us become? Hunters and killers who are only interested in furthering their own cause.
    Player: Name
    Cerdras: I am Cerdras of the Carlinian Druid Guild.
    Player: Earth
    Cerdras: The song of earth is always with me. As is the song of air. Both are often in some kind of harmony and sometimes it is hard to separate the one from the other. …
    Cerdras: If I concentrate hard enough I can distinguish the many individual songs that make the melody. …
    Cerdras: Each boulder, each stone, each grain of sand has its own voice in the symphony of the great melody.
    Player: Yalahari
    Cerdras: I have heard little of the Yalahari. And the little that I know does not tempt me to learn more.
    Player: Yalahar
    Cerdras: The city sounds like a urban nightmare to me.
    Player: Carlin
    Cerdras: The city has forgotten its original and true raison d’être. Harmony with our world has ceased to be important and slowly but surely Carlin’s people are losing their ability to empathise with nature.
    Player: Hunt
    Cerdras: The hunt can be part of the cycle of life and death. Nowadays that cycle has been broken. People take more than they give and greed dictates their actions.
    Player: Greed/Crunor
    Cerdras: Crunor has not forsaken us despite our failings. Crunor’s love for life is truly great.
    Player: Golem
    Cerdras: I have indeed gathered some knowledge in the field of elemental golems. Particularly the secrets of the Earth element, which is involved in the process of their creation.
    Player: Telas
    Cerdras: Ah, yes, dear Telas. It is a pity that he has closed his eyes to nature’s beauty, but I can’t reproach him for that.
    Player: Bye/Farewell
    Cerdras: Good bye, Haishen.


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