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    Player: hi / hello
    Chavis: Hey there! You don’t happen to have some food on you, you’re willing to share? Well, where are my manners, a warm welcome for now.
    Player: minotaur
    Chavis: Only our city-guard stand between them and us.
    Player: beggar
    Chavis: Poor fellows. What else is to say?
    Player: sewer
    Chavis: We need the sewers to keep the city clean.
    Player: glooth
    Chavis: I’m not an expert on such issues. It’s the stuff that makes things work.
    Player: food
    Chavis: I am sorry, you didn’t harvest enough roots. You need to harvest a bundle of at least five roots – and please try doing it yourself.
    Player: Rathleton
    Chavis: Don’t be fooled, we have here masters and servants like everywhere else. The whole system is a scam to subdue the masses, to fool them about what is really happening. …
    Chavis: The system only ensures that the rich have a better control and the labourers are only used.
    Player: job
    Chavis: I run this poorhouse to provide some shelter and food for the more unfortunate souls in this city.
    Player: magistrate
    Chavis: They act so important but it is us common people who keep things going. There is a lot you can do in this city to earn a right to vote in the magistrate, though. So keep an eye out for everyone who needs help.
    Player: name
    Chavis: Sorry for not introducing myself. I’m Chavis. <bows
    Player: nightmare knights
    Chavis: If not some of them had failed, they would probably still run this isle instead of the magistrate.
    Player: roots
    Chavis: They are nutritious, cost nothing and are good for the body hair. If you can bring us bundles of five juicy roots each – we will make it worth your while for the magistrate.
    Player: vote
    Chavis: We are only allowed to vote for stuff that is of no interest for the rich guys.
    Player: bye
    Chavis: Take care out there!

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