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    Player: hi / hello
    Eleonore: Be greeted. What brings you here?
    Player: Charlotta
    Eleonore: My father calls her an old hag who gives people strange ideas. But she did nothing to undermine his authority and is well liked all over town.
    Player: Chondur
    Eleonore: <whispers> That man is a living myth for the native people. Whenever they are looking for aid and guidance in mystical matters, they turn to him. He is rarely seen in town and no one knows where he lives.
    Player: cult
    Eleonore: There are rumours … but rumours are common here. I think my father is convinced that is only some myth among the natives.
    Player: daughter
    Eleonore: My father is the local governor. There is little to do for me, other than attending festivities and handling all my suitors.
    Player: errand
    Eleonore: I knew I could trust you.
    Player: fashion
    Eleonore: I wonder what the latest fashion in Thais might be.
    Player: governor
    Eleonore: My father is the representative of the Thaian king for this whole area.
    Player: here
    Eleonore: My father is the local governor. There is little to do for me, other than attending festivities and handling all my suitors.
    Player: hugo
    Eleonore: Isn’t that this wonderful fashion designer that resides in Venore?
    Player: Isolde
    Eleonore: She is so strong and confident. She simply does not care about the rumours people spread about her. I hope she will find some support in Tristan.
    Player: job
    Eleonore: Well, <giggles> I am a professional spoiled daughter.
    Player: king
    Eleonore: I have seen him as a child when we lived in Thais.
    Player: Liberty Bay
    Eleonore: This is the town I call home. It might not be the most beautiful town I have seen but the only one where we lived long enough to become accustomed to. We arrived here when I was still a child.
    Player: loveless / theodore
    Eleonore: Hmpf, this man is so self-centred and arrogant. I wish my father would see the bad influence this snake of a man has on other people.
    Player: mermaid
    Eleonore: I can’t thank you enough for freeing my beloved Ray from that evil spell. I am still shocked that a mermaid could steal his love that easily.
    Player: myth
    Eleonore: Those rumours about some cult give me shivers. My fathers says that there is no cult or something to worry about. Still sometimes I wonder if there is a grain of truth in those stories that the people in town are whispering to each other.
    Player: nargor
    Eleonore: They suspect a pirate base there. On the other hand, they also suspect one on dozens of small other islands. The reefs and treacherous waters discourage everyone from further investigations.
    Player: natives
    Eleonore: These people have a strong desire for freedom and independence… I wish there would be a way for them to achieve their needs without causing any conflicts with Thais.
    Player: peg leg
    Eleonore: Psht! Don’t say the secret word that loud.
    Player: pirate
    Eleonore: Not all pirates are alike. Of course some are just common bandits, but others were forced to live the life of a pirate in order to survive. Again others might have chosen this life to fight for ideals they hold dear.
    Player: plantations
    Eleonore: Sometimes I wonder what it is like to work on the plantations all day from morning until evening. I hardly can imagine that these workers ever have joy.
    Player: ring
    Eleonore: Thank you again for returning my ring.
    Player: quara
    Eleonore: Those beasts killed so many innocents. If there only was a way to stop them once and for all…
    Player: Striker
    Eleonore: <blushes> Oh, he is so wonderful. A very special man with a special place in my heart.
    Player: time
    Eleonore: <sighs> It seems that in some areas we can’t keep pace with the rest of the world. Just look at our latest fashion.
    Player: rum
    Eleonore: I prefer wine to this horrible brew. I have seen what it can turn a man into and I can’t say that I liked it.
    Player: sugar
    Eleonore: Sugar makes our town prosper. Perhaps we should share some of our wealth with the poor. I had an idea about a free soup kitchen but sadly my father and especially Mr. Loveless disliked it.
    Player: suitors
    Eleonore: I guess I have one or two admirers <wink>. They can become quite annoying sometimes.
    Player: thais
    Eleonore: I hardly remember Thais. We used to travel a lot before my father decided to settle here. So the memories of the town I was born in are vague at best.
    Player: trade barons
    Eleonore: <sigh> Actually they are just ordinary tradesmen, but considering their behaviour they truly act as if they were some kind of barons or some other nobility. I can see why people call them trade barons.
    Player: tradesmen
    Eleonore: Being a tradesman can be a good and honourable profession … unless you succumb to greed and forget to care about your fellow men.
    Player: Tristan
    Eleonore: He is a fine young knight. I think he and Isolde did fall in love but I am not sure if they both even noticed <smiles>.
    Player: venore
    Eleonore: Well the city itself might be pretty but the trade barons give me shivers sometimes.
    Player: voodoo
    Eleonore: I think it is not fair to condemn the magic used by the poor citizens. It is all they have at their disposal and after all, we use magic too.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Eleonore: Good bye.

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