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    Player: hi
    Ethan: Welcome to the paladin guild, Player! How can I help you?
    Player: guild / job
    Ethan: I train young paladins the art of our vocation, and an art it is without doubt. I was already teaching paladins before you were even born.
    Player: art
    Ethan: Of course it is also the knowledge of spells.
    Player: spells
    Ethan: Sorry, I don’t teach spells for your vocation.
    Player: name
    Ethan: I’m Ethan.
    Player: news
    Ethan: For an old man like me everything sounds like old news.
    Player: yalahar
    Ethan: This city has seen better days.
    Player: blood crystal
    Ethan: Tamara mentioned it sometime ago.
    Player: yalahari
    Ethan: I hardly see any of them at all. I doubt that they care much about the things going on here. Else the city wouldn’t be the mess it is.
    Player: druid
    Ethan: Their tranquil ways have preserved much of their ancient philosophy. I appreciate that.
    Player: sorcerer
    Ethan: Sorcerers have always been power-hungry maniacs, and that hasn’t changed much over the years.
    Player: knight
    Ethan: The decline in knighthood seems even worse than the decline in our vocation.
    Player: paladin
    Ethan: What you call a paladin these days is a pale shadow of the paladins of old times. I expect my pupils to become role models and heroes, not selfish cowards.
    Player: vocation
    Ethan: Your vocation is your profession. There are four vocations in Tibia: paladins, knights, sorcerers, and druids.
    Player: member
    Ethan: Every paladin profits from his vocation. It has many advantages to be a paladin.
    Player: excalibug
    Ethan: It might be a myth, but as long as it inspires people to great deeds, it should be retold.
    Player: time
    Ethan: If you are as old as I am, you don’t care about time anymore.
    Player: magic
    Ethan: Magic is a weapon like any other. If it is wielded by a fool, it can be disastrous.
    Player: cookie
    Ethan: I’ve just had dinner, but thanks.
    Player: weapons
    Ethan: A paladin has to be true like his aim. A good bow and a sure hand is not enough to bring down an enemy. It also takes a pure heart and an iron will.
    Player: vampire
    Ethan: The stories of vampires are always filled with romance and drama. I hope I live long enough to see then end of Yalahar’s vampire story.
    Player: advantage
    Ethan: We will help you to improve your skills. Besides, I offer spells for paladins.
    Player: old
    Ethan: I’m 101 years old, but I don’t consider myself as too old.
    Player: king / tibianus
    Ethan: I don’t even remember who was king at the time I left Thais.
    Player: missile
    Ethan: Paladins are the best missile fighters in Tibia!
    Player: palimuth
    Ethan: He seems like a fine man to me. A man that cares about his city and his people. This is something quite rare these days.
    Player: profit
    Ethan: We will help you to improve your skills. Besides, I offer spells for paladins.
    Player: skills
    Ethan: Paladins are great warriors and magicians. Moreover, we are excellent missile fighters. Many people in Tibia want to join us.
    Player: spellbook
    Ethan: In a spellbook, your spells are listed. You will find the pronunciation of each spell in there. If you want to buy one, visit Xodet in the magic shop.
    Player: warrior
    Ethan: Of course, we aren’t as strong as knights, but no druid or sorcerer will ever defeat a paladin with a sword.
    Player: farewell / bye
    Ethan: Bye, Player.


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