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    Player: Hi
    Etzel: Hiho <coughs> and welcome back, Haishen!
    Player: Spells
    Etzel: I can teach you rune spells and instant spells. What kind of spell do you wish to learn? You can also tell me for which level you would like to learn a spell, if you prefer that.
    Player: Job/Back
    Etzel: I’m the dwarven master mage. I’m the keeper of magical secrets and teacher of spells.
    Player: Name
    Etzel: My name is Etzel Fireworker, <coughs> son of Fire of the Molten Rocks.
    Player: Poem
    Etzel: Ask someone else, I don’t have time to recite poems.
    Player: Runes
    Etzel: Sorry, I don’t sell runes anymore. <coughs> I’m old and have to focus on more important things. Please ask my brother Sigurd next door. <coughs>
    Player: Power / arcane / responsibility
    Etzel: Great power brings great responsibility, young one.
    Player: Time
    Etzel: It’s precisely 2:54 am now.
    Player: Sorcerer
    Etzel: Sorcery is nothing for the lazy or the impatient.
    Player: Wisdom
    Etzel: Wisdom cannot be acquired cheaply.
    Player: Vocation
    Etzel: Being a sorcerer means to belong to a vocation of great arcane power and responsibility.
    Player: Bye / Farewell

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