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    “Explorer’s Diary – Do It Yourself”

    Are you an explorer? While playing, do you pay attention to things that others won’t even look at? Are you interested in all sorts of interesting facts related to Tibia? Now is your chance to present your discoveries. TibiaSecrets invites you to participate in the Explorer’s Diary – Do It Yourself contest. Before taking part in the contest, familiarize yourself with the articles in the Explorer’s Diary series, their structure, and the type of content presented there. Each such article is divided into chapters. Your task in the contest is to create one chapter describing some Tibia-related trivia similar to the ones featured in the Explorer’s Diary articles.


    The contest starts on Sep 21st 2023, 22:00 CEST, and ends on Oct 10th, 2023 22:00 CEST (12h after server save).



    • Each participant can send 3 contest entries. However, only one entry can advance to the next stage, where the admins and CMs team will vote.
    • Each submission must include a title, content, and at least one graphic. 10 graphics is an acceptable maximum. GIFs are allowed and are counted as 1 graphic.
    • Images can be used as a collage but within reason. A collage of dozens of screenshots will not be very attractive and readable, so it may negatively affect the rating.
    • Words from graphics will not count towards the limit of 500, but we emphasize – screenshots showing walls of text can negatively affect the rating. It is worth considering whether they really contribute much to the submission.
    • The graphic can be a screenshot from the game or any other image. If you use an image that is not your own, make sure that it does not violate the copyright or property rights of its owner. Remember, however, that graphics are an addition/complement to the content. Take into account that hand-made graphics do not necessarily increase the rating of your entry. This is not an art contest.
    • Chapter content must be a maximum of 500 words. The chapter title is not included in this limit. There is no minimum word limit. The TibiaSecrets team will use to verify the word count of submitted entries.
    • The submission (title and content) must be written in English only. Submissions in other languages will not be accepted. Use automatic translators with caution. The linguistic correctness of the submission will be counted as a plus.
    • The content of the chapter must describe some curiosity from the game. It can be an allusion, a description of an interesting mechanic, or something completely different. There is free reign here in the selection of a curiosity on your part. Remember, however, that it should surprise the reader. These more surprising curiosities will be rated higher.
    • The curiosity described must not be too trivial. For example:
      A curiosity stating that a day in Tibia lasts one hour or an interesting fact describing that pressing the arrow to the left means that you are heading west.
    • It is not allowed to include content or links related to cheats, bots, or OTS-related content in your submission.
      It is not allowed to refer in the submission to so-called Leaked Files.
    • Write the truth. Curiosities may be verified by the TibiaSecrets team. If we detect an attempt to cheat, then your submission will be disqualified.
    • Content must NOT be related to inappropriate things or contain inappropriate language.
    • Your submission must be sent to: [email protected]
    • The only acceptable form of submission is a link to a document on Google Drive in a format supported by Google Docs (preferably docx).
    • Your submission must include your nickname and the server you are playing on. It is best to include this information in the body of your email or at the beginning/end of your submission.
    • TibiaSecrets team members are not allowed to participate in the contest.
    • Any attempt at plagiarism will result in disqualification of the participant. Plagiarism is understood as using someone else’s text or graphics/photographs/images as your own without citing the source or breaking the license of the original work. If you are quoting someone else, you must make this clear in the article by citing the source.
    • We do not recommend using ChatGPT or other widely understood AI-powered tools to generate submission text. Submissions may be reviewed in this regard and we allow for the possibility of a significant reduction in scores if an obvious case is found.
    • TibiaSecrets team members will publish the progress of the verification of the entry (nickname, server, and verification result) on their Discord server.
    • TibiaSecrets has decided that the content of the entries will not be made public (during the contest). All valid submissions will be published on the TibiaSecrets forum/Discord only after the contest is officially over and the winners are selected. Since we value your work and creativity, this is to prevent plagiarism or even inspiration from the works of other contest participants.
    • TibiaSecrets team members will publish the progress of the verification of the entry (nickname, server, and verification result) on their Discord server.
    • TibiaSecrets reserves the right to publish the submissions on the TibiaSecrets homepage in the form of an article.
    • The 8 best entries will be subject to voting by fansite admins and CMs who will choose the final TOP3. Admins and CMs will have insight into all submissions, not just the final 8.

    What will we judge?

    • Type of curiosity. Remember that people in the TibiaSecrets team are mainly focused on all sorts of secrets in the game and they will be the first to judge the submissions. Explorer’s Diary articles are a good indicator of what we are interested in and what curiosities we like. When choosing a topic, take this into account.
    • Surprise effect. A curiosity not known or little known to the community will be rated much higher.
    • The flow and coherence of submission.



    1st Place – Bonelord Tome + Golden rune emblem of choice + Golden Trophy of Excellence

    + +

    2nd Place – Bear Doll + Golden rune emblem of choice + Silver Trophy of Excellence

     + +

    3rd Place – Shrunken Head Necklace + Golden rune emblem of choice + Bronze Trophy of Excellence

     + +

    Links to all Explorer’s Diaries for reference:



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