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    This is one of the articles that was submitted to the contest. It was written by Yeghron


    Forbidden Temple / Zoralurk

    Character: Yeghron

    World: Gentebra

    Is the Forbidden Temple just a random place where cultists and lizards have taken refuge or is there something more complex and mysterious at the end of it? In the course of my research and wanderings I found certain information that could open up more of the range of common knowledge and perhaps unravel some complex and intriguing mystery.

    It all started when I found an old book on a shelf in the Forbidden Temple that had been written by a cult master named Tzumrah. Most of the information was unreadable, but there was a pretty sharp part of it nonetheless. It was a kind of enraged sermon or an order of conduct left to novice cultists.

    The description read: “Incompetent idiots! This isn’t just a temple to a simple lizard god. A far greater, conceiled power rules here! For a while they may be useful to our ends, but when the time comes, we will get rid of these gormless lizards! Prepare for my arrival – I will oversee the rituals in person!”

    “A far greater, conceiled power rules here!” That particular phrase that urged me to find more information to meet my need for challenges to be resolved. I couldn’t help but forget about that damn Mazarius who deceived me and my friends in Darashia.

    We thought we were preventing Ferumbras from becoming a god, when in fact the Godbreaker pieces we collected went for an entirely different purpose when Mazarius left that note on the table revealing himself to be a servant of Variphor and has since disappeared with a weapon that can kill gods.

    I must also point out a segment that captured a lot of the attention of adventurers a few years ago and may be related to what I found here. As my old father would say “where there is smoke there is fire” so I suppose that “where there are cultists there are demons”, or to be more specific a demon chieftain not yet seen by the Tibians, the third master of the demonic cabal called Triangle of Terror.

    Zoralurk, the “demon of a thousand faces” is described by the sage Edowir: “She is rumored to wander the lands in many disguises, poisoning the body and minds of people by word or deed.” Maybe we’ve even found some of Zoralurk’s forms around, but it’s likely that it isn’t fully at its peak or needs certain specific events in order for it to manifest in what I assume is its original form, similar to its predecessors in the Triangle of Terror, Morgaroth and Ghazbaran.

    During the progress of the Mysterious Ornate Chest a coded plaque was discovered in the Tomb of Horestis at Ankrahmun which later on was translated simply as the name of Zoralurk. This further heightened my suspicions about the text I found in Forbidden Temple.

    Added to this are reports from ancient times in which I was little more than a player fresh out of Rookgaard, had adventurers tell a common story: Zoralurk appeared in the desert at Ankrahmun in the northern part of the city, but as fast as he appeared and disappeared never again has been seen since. There was no one strong enough to defeat her at that time and these reports were doomed to oblivion.

    The search for Zoralurk’s refuge has grown quite cold over the years. There were not even plausible rumors that the third member of the Triangle of Terror was about to return. Well that may have changed a little after I found that book, but until I have more elaborate and clearer information about it, it’s just a tavern story.

    I honestly don’t think Zoralurk’s return will be something trivial like invading this dimension as his equals do, but something more complex and full of puzzles before they are solved.

    Perhaps the purpose of the cultists is still in progress.


    Just as Goroma and Formorgar Mines are teeming with cultists, the Forbidden Temple could be a part of the summoning process of Zoralurk in Tibia, probably somewhere in the Desert south of Darama. Regardless of the level of power that Zoralurk reveals, this all seems to be weak compared to any of the Ruthless Seven.

    Some speculators assume that Zoralurk’s power is related to land and plagues to be relatively similar to Verminor of the Ruthless Seven though most likely far lower in power level. In any case, I will continue my research on this and similar topics.

    I am shifting between my bow and my books in my spare time as I sit on the porch of my house watching the sunset and drinking a cup of tea made by my beautiful wife.

    Information References: Some of them are about information within a wider spectrum and other parts that can make a supposed bridge of references.

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