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    This is one of the articles that was submitted to the contest. It was written by Wrap Man

    Forbidden Temple

    Located on southern Darama, hidden from everyone’s eyes, exists strange underground complex. It’s locators – lizards and cultists seem to arrange some kind of ritual.

    C:\Users\kubson\AppData\Local\Tibia\packages\Tibia\screenshots\2021-12-22_150417502_Wrap Man_Hotkey.png C:\Users\kubson\AppData\Local\Tibia\packages\Tibia\screenshots\2021-12-22_150422862_Wrap Man_Hotkey.png
    In main hall where Tzumrah The Dazzler spawns we can find two lizard statues with descriptions.

    It looks like some sort of incantation or prayer with rhyme written by the lizards. Descriptions seems to refer to the fire and fire salamander. It’s vey interesting because Tzumrah The Dazzler can spawn two fire elementals, and it’s the only cultists who is able to do that, so I don’t think it is a coincidence. I tried using and putting a lot of items(mentioned by the statues) on different spots there but – no reaction.

    C:\Users\kubson\AppData\Local\Tibia\packages\Tibia\screenshots\2021-12-22_150957042_Wrap Man_Hotkey.png I tried to find this boss. I came here everyday on different hours(while on my way to Scarlet), but couldn’t find even one! This is also interesting, because according to he has regular spawn (something around 7 days). The problem is that my server – Adra is very empty, few players play here, so maybe there is other mechanic, that can trigger this boss to spawn, for example killing particular amount of monsters? I’m on my way to discover it.

    In this spot we can find note written by Tzumrah himself,

    the note follows:

    Incompetent idiots! This isn’t just a temple to

    a simple lizard god. A far greater, conceiled

    power rules here! For a while they may be useful

    to our ends, but when the time comes, we will get

    rid of these gormless lizards!

    Prepare for my arrival – I will oversee the rituals in person!

    – Master Tzumrah

    It seems that cultists only exploit the lizards for achieving some kind of power from the ritual they want to perform.

    The next thing about Tzumrah is his sounds:

    • Your beating heart will burst into flames!
    • Your reeking carcass will feed the sharks!
    • Your living soul will serve my master!
    • Your warm blood will quench my thirst!

    He says about you eaten by his sharks which are actually on upper floor, here:

    C:\Users\kubson\AppData\Local\Tibia\packages\Tibia\screenshots\2021-12-22_150740479_Wrap Man_Hotkey.png

    C:\Users\kubson\AppData\Local\Tibia\packages\Tibia\screenshots\2021-12-22_150833304_Wrap Man_Hotkey.png

    Also we can find here some imprisoned cultists. Why they are locked down? Maybe they are so called “incompetent idiots”?

    C:\Users\kubson\AppData\Local\Tibia\packages\Tibia\screenshots\2021-12-22_150833304_Wrap Man_Hotkey.png

    By Wrap Man, Adra

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