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    Below are the results of my research showing the full list of illusionable creatures.

    Abyssal Calamary Frost Giantess Pirate Skeleton
    Aggressive Chicken Frost Troll Poacher
    Agrestic Chicken Gargoyle Poison Spider
    Amazon Gazer Polar Bear
    Arthom the Hunter Ghost Poodle
    Assassin Ghost Wolf Priestess
    Baby Pet of Chayenne Ghoul Quara Constrictor
    Badger Gloom Wolf Quara Constrictor Scout
    Bandit Gnarlhound Quara Predator
    Bat Goblin Quara Predator Scout
    Bear Goblin Assassin Rabbit
    Black Cobra Goblin Leader Rat
    Black Sheep Goblin Scavenger Redeemed Soul
    Blazing Fire Elemental Golden Servant Renegade Quara Constrictor
    Blood Crab Golden Servant Replica Renegade Quara Predator
    Boar Gozzler Rift Phantom
    Bog Frog Greater Death Minion Roaring Lion
    Bonelord Green Frog Roast Pork
    Brittle Skeleton Grynch Clan Goblin Rotspit
    Bug Hateful Soul Sacred Snake
    Butterfly Holy Bog Frog Sand Brood
    Calamary Honour Guard Sandcrawler
    Cat Hungry Brood Scar Tribe Shaman
    Cave Rat Hunter Scar Tribe Warrior
    Celebrating Orger Husky Scarab
    Centipede Hyaena Scorpion
    Charged Energy Elemental Hydra Seagull
    Cheese Thief Irgix the Flimsy Servant of Tentugly
    Chicken Iron Servant Shadowstalker
    Chopper Iron Servant Replica Shark
    Cobra Island Troll Sheep
    Cockroach Jellyfish Sibang
    Corym Charlatan Juvenile Cyclops Silver Rabbit
    Corym Skirmisher Killer Caiman Skeleton
    Corym Vanguard Kongra Skeleton Warrior
    Cow Ladybug Skunk
    Crab Lancer Beetle Slick Water Elemental
    Crawler Larva Slippery Northern Pike
    Crazed Dwarf Leaf Golem Slug
    Crocodile Lesser Fire Devil Smuggler
    Crypt Shambler Lesser Swarmer Snake
    Crystal Wolf Lion Somewhat Beatable Dragon
    Cyclops Little Corym Charlatan Soul Spark
    Cyclops Drone Lizard Sentinel Spider
    Cyclops Smith Lizard Snakecharmer Spitter
    Dark Monk Lizard Templar Squirrel
    Dark Soul Mad Technomancer Starving Wolf
    Dawn Bat Manta Ray Stone Golem
    Dawn Scorpion Mean Lost Soul Swamp Troll
    Deepsea Blood Crab Mean Termite Swampling
    Deer Merlkin Swarmer
    Demon Skeleton Metal Gargoyle Swarmer Hatchling
    Desperate White Deer Minotaur Tainted Soul
    Diamond Servant Minotaur Amazon Tarantula
    Diamond Servant Replica Minotaur Archer Tarnished Spirit
    Dog Minotaur Bruiser Terramite
    Dragon Minotaur Guard Terror Bird
    Dragon Hatchling Minotaur Mage Thawing Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord Minotaur Occultist The First Dragon
    Dragon Lord Hatchling Minotaur Poacher The Hungerer
    Dromedary Monk Thieving Squirrel
    Dwarf Monk of the Order Thornback Tortoise
    Dwarf Geomancer Muddy Earth Elemental Thornfire Wolf
    Dwarf Guard Muglex Clan Assassin Tiger
    Dwarf Miner Muglex Clan Footman Toad
    Dwarf Soldier Muglex Clan Scavenger Tortoise
    Dworc Fleshhunter Mummy Troll
    Dworc Venomsniper Murderous Ghost Troll Champion
    Dworc Voodoomaster Museum Stone Golem Troll Marauder
    Earth Elemental Mushroom Sniffer Unaz the Mean
    Ekatrix Mutated Human Unbeatable Dragon
    Elder Bonelord Mutated Tiger Undead Mine Worker
    Elder Forest Fury Noble Lion Undead Prospector
    Elder Wyrm Noble Pet of Chayenne Valkyrie
    Elephant Northern Pike Vampire
    Elf Novice of the Cult Vok the Freakish
    Elf Scout Oodok Witchmaster Vortex Spawn
    Energy Elemental Orc War Wolf
    Enraged Bookworm Orc Berserker Wasp
    Enraged Sand Brood Orc Leader Waspoid
    Enraged Soul Orc Musician Water Elemental
    Enraged Squirrel Orc Shaman White Deer
    Enraged White Deer Orc Spearman Wild Warrior
    Filth Toad Orc Warrior Willi Wasp
    Fire Devil Panda Wilting Leaf Golem
    Fire Elemental Parasite Winter Wolf
    Firestarter Parrot Wisp
    Fish Party Skeleton Witch
    Flame of Omrafir Penguin Wolf
    Flamingo Pig Woodling
    Flimsy Lost Soul Pirate Buccaneer Worm Priestess
    Forest Fury Pirate Corsair Wyrm
    Fox Pirate Cutthroat Wyvern
    Freakish Lost Soul Pirate Ghost Zomba
    Frost Dragon Hatchling Pirate Marauder  
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    That was a tremendous effort to create this list. Good job Mogh.

    Especially that one site *wink* copied it and updated their outdated list.

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