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    Player: hi
    Gederas: I hope you have a good reason to come here.
    Player: roshamuul
    Gederas: You can see the taint everywhere. This is what will become of the world if we don’t stop these vile invaders here and now.
    Player: henricus
    Gederas: A brilliant man with a brilliant mind. He is far too valuable to be endangered here.
    Player: inquisition
    Gederas: The inquisition has to wipe out all demon resistance in this area. Before we can begin to heal the land, these abominations have to vanish. …
    Gederas: It were my studies that unearthed the location of this abominable isle.
    Player: studies
    Gederas: I was just a simple sub-leader of a branch of the inquisition, when a demon we purged from a desecrated temple tried to bargain for its freedom with information. …
    Gederas: Of course we killed the vile abomination, but first we extracted the very information it deemed valuable to us. …
    Gederas: It thought we might trade it in for his existence. Its information was of course vague and spiced with lies, but it was a start. …
    Gederas: From thereon I dedicated my time in referencing books and praying for enlightenments from the gods. …
    Gederas: I managed to deduce many facts about a base of the most evil of all demons, an unholy gathering place to plot and indulge in unspeakable rites. Some Yalahari texts even referenced this place as Roshamuul and to be avoided. …
    Gederas: With an adventuring party, I located a compass-like device of Yalahari origin that pointed to that place. By the guidance of the gods, I had also found an artefact that allowed ships to travel the treacherous waters around this isle. …
    Gederas: When our vanguard arrived here, we were unprepared for the sheer number of opponents and the massive fortifications. So it was only natural to call upon the heroes of the land to face this threat. …
    Gederas: Despite all fortifications, the demons obviously never expected to be attacked here. Regardless of the progress we make though, this place is far from free from demonic presence and the purge has to continue.
    Player: Yalahari
    Gederas: At least they did not consort with demons, but their disregard of the gods is inexcusable and probably the reason for their downfall. Of course all their work is tainted and must be handled with care. …
    Gederas: After my successes, I was granted to oversee all research about the Yalahari.
    Player: research
    Gederas: The works of a sinner are tainted by their sins. That’s why we have to treat everything besides from our holy texts with care. …
    Gederas: You can never tell if something is not the work of a sinner and how much of his taint has spilled into it.
    Player: demons
    Gederas: They are the enemy of course. An enemy who knows no mercy and deserves none. There is no option but confrontation.
    Player: gods
    Gederas: The gods trust in us that we cleanse this place. If we fail, not only will our own souls be doomed but perhaps the whole world itself.
    Player: book
    Gederas: I am no books expert, but if you found it here it is probably full of demonic lies.
    Player: dreams
    Gederas: Beware of your dreams. They might be just the door to your soul the demons need.
    Player: isle
    Gederas: You can see the taint everywhere. This is what will become of the world if we don’t stop these vile invaders here and now.
    Player: nightmare
    Gederas: The nightmares, that haunt the dreamers on this isle, are a danger only to those weak in their faith.
    Player: bye
    Gederas: Farewell.

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