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    Player: hi
    Gree Dee: Be greeted esteemed customer with a full purse!
    Player: job / customer
    Gree Dee: I sell general equipment. Just ask me for a trade.
    Player: trade
    Gree Dee: You will not believe how cheap my items are.
    Player: al dee
    Gree Dee: My foolish brother thinks he’ll get rich by selling equipment to some inexperienced paupers, but I know better!
    Player: buy / offer
    Gree Dee: Just ask me for a trade.
    Player: stuff / wares
    Gree Dee: It’s almost as if I were handing them out for free. Just ask me for a trade.
    Player: yalahar
    Gree Dee: The city is a virtual gold mine. People from all over the world come here to explore and to get rich …
    Gree Dee: So they have much money to spend on supplies!
    Player: yalahari
    Gree Dee: They aren’t worse than other nobles or officials. To be precise, they are so uninterested in our affairs that I prefer them to other city officials.
    Player: vampire
    Gree Dee: Uhm, unfortunately I just ran out of garlic necklaces. But I heard they help.
    Player: cookie
    Gree Dee: I’m not interested in trading my wares for cookies.
    Player: alchemist quarter
    Gree Dee: If they ever rebuild that city, I really hope to participate in this venture in some way.
    Player: sunken quarter
    Gree Dee: If you find some treasures down there, I might be interested in doing business with you.
    Player: foreign quarter
    Gree Dee: I tried to convince them of the quality of human wares, but without success.
    Player: factory quarter
    Gree Dee: I think the Yalahari should leave the factories inactive. They’d only ruin honest people’s profit.
    Player: trade quarter
    Gree Dee: Mr. West is a honest man, that’s for sure. You’ll never hear me saying something bad about Mr. West.
    Player: magician quarter
    Gree Dee: The surviving magicians there seem to rely on resources they get by themselves. What a shame!
    Player: arena quarter
    Gree Dee: I wonder where these gladiators get their supplies from? I wouldn’t mind to sell them some decent equipment.
    Player: blood crystal
    Gree Dee: If I had one, I could charge a fortune for it… <gets a dreamy look>
    Player: shop
    Gree Dee: My shop will be famous soon enough. With all the dangers that are around this city, adventurers have to resupply constantly!
    Player: bye
    Gree Dee: You really should have bought some extra stuff, just in case.


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