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    NPC: Grodrik

    Player: hi
    Grodrik: Leave me in peace. I don’t want to chat with humans. Got my own worries and problems.
    Player: beer
    Grodrik: One of the things you can’t have enough of.

    Player: dating
    Grodrik: Do I look that desperate? Stop breathing my air.
    Player: dwarf
    Grodrik: Yes! To the honour and strength of the dwarfs! <lifts his mug of beer>
    Player: Eclesius
    Grodrik: I’ve never heard that name.
    Player: elf
    Grodrik: Yuck.
    Player: job
    Grodrik: I’m a smith – surprise. But dwarven smiths are so common that it’s hard to find a good position nowadays.
    Player: kazordoon
    Grodrik: There aren’t enough women here, if you ask me. Particularly, not enough of the kind who are interested in me.
    Player: love
    Grodrik: <sigh>
    Player: mission
    Grodrik: Huh? What do I look like, a babysitter? Find your own missions, I don’t have one for you.
    Player: name
    Grodrik:: I’m Grodrik Hammertoe, son of Grimbul Hammertoe.
    Player: woman
    Grodrik: <sigh>
    Player: bye
    Grodrik: Yeah, bye.

    Special dialogue:

    Player: worries / problem
    Grodrik: <sigh> My current problem is that my beer is empty. Got a mug of beer for me?
    Player: no
    Grodrik: Spare me your do-gooding speech on ‘beer is bad’ yadayada or I’ll get angry. Sometimes a man needs his beer.

    Note: It is possible to talk to Grodrik only when doing some missions during The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest. If you answer “yes” after the word “worries / problem” the conversation will go through the quest lines. You can read these lines for example here.

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    • This topic was modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago by Mogh.
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