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    Player: hi
    Grubokk: Huh! Talking food! Hello!
    Player: job
    Grubokk: Me guard goblin slaves. Good job! Free food! Hur hur!
    Player: name
    Grubokk: Grrrrrr! Me mighty Grubokk! You puny morsel!
    Player: Grubokk
    Grubokk: Name of great warrior hero! Ate eighty-eight goblins alive in twenty-two mouthfuls while fighting eleven Thunder Tusk ogres at same time! Belched hugely when won!
    Player: goblins
    Grubokk: Full of air from too much fan-ci-ful words. Worship puny, powerless frog. Tinker with tools without own strength. Not know true power. Not earthed like ogres. Deserve to be slaves!
    Player: Thunder Tusk
    Grubokk: Other tribe, stupid and mean, steal from us. We fight them always!
    Player: ogre
    Grubokk: Ogres strong! And our tribe strongest!
    Player: tools / plier
    Grubokk: Puny goblins tinker with fiddly tools, huh. Never get anywhere with their repairs! Pah! Ogre strong, use big pliers to cut through bone and hide!
    Player: krailos
    Grubokk: Land of ogres you see out there, hu-man!
    Player: revolt
    Grubokk: Been too quiet! You check on pesky goblins? Me reward you! Get tasty sauce!
    Player: mission
    Grubokk: Huh! Grubokk got all under control! Goblins quiet! But if not… tell me and Grubokk may have task for you! Harhar!
    Player: task / quest
    Grubokk: Arr harr! Pesky goblins up to no good? You wanna teach lesson? Me reward you!
    Player: tibia
    Grubokk: Ow! Don’t screech, human! Cannot understand! Say again that you no help goblin!
    Player: no help goblin
    Grubokk: That will show uppity goblins! Will take away water. Then they not feel so thirsty for revolt, harr! …
    Grubokk: Three things to make them sorry. Cut off water supplies in mines first. Then poison wells in their wormy city tunnels. Then flood them out of mines with sea water! …
    Grubokk: Will be nicely marinated and seasoned when they wash up here! HAHAHAH!
    Player: chief
    Grubokk: Me want to be chieftain instead of chieftain!
    Player: the great hunger
    Grubokk: Yes, I always hungry! Chosen by Great Hunger! Hurhur! I made joke!
    Player: water
    Grubokk: Grubokk prefer beer. <belch>
    Player: beer
    Grubokk: Tribe make best beer! You see!
    Player: tribe
    Grubokk: Tribes always at war with others! Bash in enemy heads! Harharr!
    Player: larek
    Grubokk: Scrawny hu-man. Looks as crunchy as his cookies! Hurhur!
    Player: ghorza
    Grubokk: She tribe shaman. She powerful. She keep tribe safe from evil spirits!
    Player: spirits
    Grubokk: I not know. Is stuff for shaman.
    Player: vuzrog
    Grubokk: Hah, him chieftain now. Him defeated Grubokk’s father who chieftain before! But I bide time! I eat well, grow stronger! Then I challenge! One day, I chieftain!
    Player: mugruu
    Grubokk: Ph, him whimpy ogre. Never made as heavy a hammer as Grubokk! Him do like puny hu-man Larek do and trade stuff. Hah, Grubokk never trade for any of Mugruu’s stuff! Uh-uh!
    Player: hammer
    Grubokk: Me not give you my hammer! Is personal! You find own hammer! Puny hammers good enough for you! Take one from goblin workers. Me not care.
    Player: salt
    Grubokk: Tasty, but bigger amount give you belly ache! Poison water!
    Player: sabotage
    Grubokk: That not enough to keep goblins occupied. Need to damage more! Would do myself if I were puny like you, but no fit in wormy tunnels, pah!
    Player: flood
    Grubokk: Sea water flood tunnels? Hurhur! Grubokk eat marinated goblin tonight!
    Player: tunnel
    Grubokk: Unworthy of ogre! Sacrilege to gnaw through bones of earth! Punishable by death! But goblins find holy crystals now and then. Needed by ogre!
    Player: bloody skull
    Grubokk: Our tribe. Strongest tribe of strongest ogres! Will one day rule all Krailos!
    Player: city
    Grubokk: Pah! Goblin tunnel like worms. Somewhere hiding, but have to come out to find water, oh yes. Hur hur. Then I eat!
    Player: key
    Grubokk: Huh. Why you should need key? I not trust you, wriggly hu-man! If you not find it, not my problem.
    Player: well
    Grubokk: Dry. Salty earth. Ogre tough, can survive. But puny goblins shrivel. Very crispy crunchy snack, hur hur!
    Player: land / steppe
    Grubokk: Land of ogres you see out there, hu-man!
    Player: lost
    Grubokk: Lost? What you lost? I say GET LOST! Ahahahh!
    Player: obsidian
    Grubokk: Look like onyx to me. Anyway. Lazy goblins never dig up enough!
    Player: onyx
    Grubokk: Precious! Talisman against danger. Lazy goblins never dig up enough!
    Player: bye
    Grubokk: Hur! <belch>

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