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    Player: hi
    Gurbasch: Welcome, Player! Lovely steamboat, ain’t it? I can even offer you a passage if you like.
    Player: passage
    Gurbasch: Where do you want me to take you? To Kazordoon or to Farmine?
    Player: Kazordoon
    Gurbasch: Do you want to go to Kazordoon to try the beer there? 150 gold?
    Player: Farmine
    Gurbasch: Would you like me to take you to Farmine for 200 gold?
    Player: job / work
    Gurbasch: Should be quite obvious, I’m operating a steamship.
    Player: name
    Gurbasch: I’m Gurbasch Firejuggler, son of the Machine of the Molten Rock.
    Player: kick me
    Gurbasch: Off with you!
    Player: dwarfs
    Gurbasch: We are an old and proud race, although we possess the best inventions.
    Player: cormaya
    Gurbasch: Hey, we ARE at Cormaya! Must be the cave madness…
    Player: invention
    Gurbasch: You know, elves may be intelligent, but they are too lazy to invent something. Really.
    Player: elves / elf
    Gurbasch: Have only one elf on board of a ship, and you are doomed.
    Player: tibia
    Gurbasch: Tibia? Just don’t ask.
    Player: thais / venore / ab’dendriel /carlin / ankrahmun / darashia / edron / port hope / oramond / roshamuul / svargrond / yalahar / darama / folda / senja / vega / ice islands / issavi / krailos / liberty bay / rathleton
    Gurbasch: How do you expect me to get there? Fly? Hm, wait… NO, sorry.
    Player: ship
    Gurbasch: A ship operated by steam power is something we dwarfs are indeed very proud of.
    Player: poem
    Gurbasch: Sorry, too busy with caring for my machines!
    Player: technomancers
    Gurbasch: A technomancer wields power over incredible machines.
    Player: beer
    Gurbasch: Ah, you got some? Nah, only beer from Kazordoon tastes fine.
    Player: brodrosch
    Gurbasch: He is my brother working at the Kazordoon steamship.
    Player: buy / sell
    Gurbasch: I’m not a vendor.
    Player: captain
    Gurbasch: Yes, I’m the captain of this ship.
    Player: fare thee well
    Gurbasch: Thou art truly in possession of fine manners. Be blessed!
    Player: bye / farewell
    Gurbasch: Until next time.




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