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    This is one of the articles that was submitted to the contest. It was written by WildBeggar aka Rey Tamal

    Hidden city of Beregar: Not finished or still hidden?

    The hidden city of Beregar was implemented on 8.4 update (winter update 2008), nearly 13 years ago. At first, it was thought to be a regular quest, it can be seen on our quest log, but, is it? or is it still unknown what else could be hidden? On November 9, maybe November 10, Rosk Roll from Bona, discovered, in the city of Beregar, an unknown achievement; “Unlikely Pathfinder” which no one claimed to obtain, for almost 13 years. This, and other clues during the quest, make me think Beregar still has unsolved mysteries or maybe it is just an unfinished part of Tibia. In the following text we can find evidence, possible connections and theories about the mystery or the incomplete city of Beregar.

    “Unlikely Pathfinder” this achievement is obtained by traveling in one of the ore wagon paths in Beregar and has the next description: Wow – what was that? You don’t know how you ended up here, but somehow you did. How to get from Beregar to Kazordoon in a jiffy – that’s something those dwarves would love to know, but you’re not quite sure how to reproduce it. But how come this was a secret for so long? Community manager Skerio explains that there was a change in the lines of code that made this possible, so the way to obtain this achievement, as it was intended, is still unknown, you can see his statement in the image below.

    Which was the way to obtain this achievement? Maybe (just a theory) in the same way but with a certain chance? It could be that you needed to ride the wagon and you had a small chance, like 0.01% to obtain it, maybe you needed to do something else before, like the achievement “Minstrel”, you have to play an instrument 500 times and then solve the puzzle in Vashresamun’s antechamber to obtain it. Could it be that you needed to ride wagons a certain amount of times and then ride the correct path? Does the achievement “Rollercoaster” have something to do with it? This will remain a mystery since they changed the way to obtain the achievement.

    Wagons and Rails. When doing the quest, Emperor Rehal told you if you need help with the tunnels you can ask for help with Xorlosh, and when you ask him he tells you, you can get all the information you need in a book. I’m sure in this book we can find plenty of mysteries, let’s analyze it. There are four main topics in this book; Repairing collapsed tunnels, Repairing gaps, Building a rail on lava and Adventuring old tunnels. The first two, are used to advance in the quest and the last one has the clue to get the “Unlikely Pathfinder” achievement, right in the lines:

    …It may take you a whole life to understand the techniques that are used and it takes generations to know all the tunnels of a mine and all their exits. You even may find an exit that you never expected to.

    If someone repeated over and over again traveling in the wagons, they could get the achievement, but now we will never know. What about the third one?

    Three out of four of the main topics are actually useful to do something in Beregar, but what about the other one? Building a rail on lava, it is really interesting because there is a room with rails and lava, and it seems you could build the rails, just like you did before, although on the book doesn’t explain how to build them, its says:

    … until you have at least 20 years experience in rail construction…<well, seems like you don’t match the premises.>

    How could someone earn 20 years experience in rail construction? After 20 years experience, the book would show the process on how to build one? Is it just a reference, lore or unsolvable mystery?

    Well we can’t look and try to solve it individually, we need to put together all the pieces; there is another room which I found interesting, the collapsed tunnel.

    In this room you can see that the rail is being blocked by a collapsed tunnel, and if you try to use a pick, you get an orange message:

    There is always new rubble falling down from the ceiling

    I tried to do what the books say about repairing collapsed tunnels, just like in the quest, with a bricklayers kit, but nothing seems to happen, perhaps with a tree? Since you can’t use a bricklayers kit, maybe you need to use the first suggestion in the book?

    …If you don’t have a matching tree…

    Where could someone find a matching tree?

    In the two images above you can see what I’m trying to explain.

    Two separate rooms with a connection to the same book, if the knowledge on this book was used to solve part of Beregar, why couldn’t we use it to solve these two rooms?

    Quest Log and Bugs. Why is it important to look at the quest log? I think it provides interesting information about quests, for example, when a quest is fully finished it says (completed) right next to the name of the quest, but in The Hidden City of Beregar this is not the case.

    Could it be that this is bugged? We already know that they made a change in the lines of code that made the achievement easy to obtain, and they also said that this change did not affect anything else, but i’m not quite sure about this, when you speak with NPC Xorlosh, after finishing the quest, and you follow the conversation (dark blue text) he doesn’t answer, as we can see in the image below.

    Perhaps there are other mechanics in the game that got affected?

    Another example is the quest log, when you travel from Beregar to Kazordoon it always says Your questlog has been updated, we can see this the first time we get the achievement and some other day, it just repeats again and again:

    doesn’t matter how many times you travel, the message appears.

    Are these events caused by bugs and bad programming? or are they intended? If so, maybe it is possible that there are more forgotten passages in Beregar, and when we discover all, we get our quest log update to <A Forgotten Passage (Completed)>

    Some other clues that I recently confirmed to the secret passage, Beregar/Kazordoon, are; an orange message that has a clue that there are other exits or paths, a conversation with NPC Tehlim, when you ask him about Kazordoon, and of course the book Tunneling guide.

    All this evidence leaves me with the question, are there more secret passages? Could they be solved? The Crystal of Focus and Mining Helmet are needed to find these secret passages?

    Possible Connections. There are four ore wagons, just like in Kazordoon, one of them can be used, the other one seems to be completely blocked, and the other two look like they can be used. All of them have a sign that describes where you can travel; Northern Wing, Western Wing, Easter Wing and Deeper Mines.

    Something interesting is, the wagon that would take us to western wing looks abandoned with spider webs, the same as the blocked path to the west

    Could it be that the ones that lead to the northern and eastern wing are connected to the lava room and the collapsed tunnel?

    What else is related to Beregar? Well, Kazordoon of course, if you ask Emperor Kruzak about this city, he tells you that there is a poem about it, and Lokur actually recites the poem for you. Here, you can learn about the Lore of the Dwarves and their cities. Beregar seems to be the main city of the Dwarves, and because of the unknown conflict they founded Kazordoon.

    Can we find other places related to Dwarves around Tibia? Port Hope, Farmine and possibly Formorgar Mines, can these places have some relation to Beregar? Can’t tie the knots right now when we speak about the Lore, but I did some experiments, regarding the pick and the collapsed tunnels with rubble on them. The same orange message appears in some places.


    (Port Hope)



    What do these places have in common? Well, they looked like the dwarfs made them, in most of them we can see an elevator (teleport) to go up and down floors, this elevator looks the same in Farmine, Port Hope, Beregar and Formorgar Mines, all made by the dwarfs? What are they searching for? In Farmine we can see that they are mining coal, in Beregar they are mining crystals, in Kazordoon they are mining small gems, but in Port Hope? What are they searching in the middle of the jungle/mountain? Are they drunk?

    About Formorgar Mines, it is believed that those mines are made by Carlin miners, we can read about the good relationship between Svargond and Carlin.

    So, humans from Carlin made those mines? Why do they look Dwarf made? Those mines seem bigger than any other mine, and if the dwarfs are the masters in tunneling and mining, are they the ones who made it?

    The fact that we can use the pick on different rubble and different places makes me see the subject with a totally different point of view. Because in Beregar it would make sense that we remove the rubble so the ore wagon can travel on the rails, but in these places? Seems to access nowhere. The mechanics in the game (Using pick on rubble) are bugged and badly programmed? Are they working properly? If so, can we get 20 years of experience by removing a lot of rubble? After that can we build the rail on lava? I’m still performing experiments to confirm if we can remove the rubble successfully.

    Cyclopedia Map. This new tool that Cipsoft provided us could give us a hint…

    At first I thought maybe Beregar could become the 20th area to explore for Measuring Tibia Quest, but since it already belongs to yalahar it seems it’s not the case. If we take a look at the map, and configure cyclopedia map to show all the NPC’s and houses, we can see there are no more NPC’s or houses in Beregar. That would tell us that probably there are no more places to go in Beregar. On the other hand there are some NPC’s that the cyclopedia map doesn’t show, like Dagomir, upstairs of venore depot.

    Dragonir does not appear.

    Could there be some hidden NPC’s that the map does not show?

    Beregar Mysteriando just a good Lore? Made to explain the history and background about the Dwarfs, a city full of resources to exploit, home of two tribes, one worships the earth, the other the fire, one conflict divided the tribes, left the city half abandoned. The other tribe left in hope to find a new home. (Reminds me of the Dwarves in Lord of the Rings, maybe a reference) Emperor Rehal could be a reference, the word “Rehal” is close to “real” which could mean that one is the real emperor of the Dwarfs.

    With the change made in the ore wagon from Beregar to Kazordoon, are they still developing some mechanics in new places that unintentionally affected old places, or are they making these changes in old places? The structure of the city is already finished or they planned this place so they could upgrade it later in the future? The little bugs means they made a little mistake or it is unfinished? The other related cities are part of a hint or just Lore? Could all the mysteries be solved just by using the Cyclopedia map? Are there more hidden references to the real world? The mechanic when using a pick on rubble could be the answer to all questions? If we could get any confirmation whether this is bugged or not…

    Incomplete? Complete? Solvable? Unsolvable? Not finished or still hidden? A mystery… I want to believe…

    (Strange portal in Beregar Mines, I have no clue what this or could be)

    Thanks to Rosk Roll from Bona and Mirius for sharing the knowledge of “Unlikely Pathfinder”

    Thanks to TibiaWiki for the information in The Hidden City of Beregar Quest

    All of the experiments (testing the mechanics in game) were made before 7/12/2021

    WildBeggar from Lobera (Character name, Rey Tamal) wishes you all happy holidays!


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