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    NPC: Humgolf


    Player: hi/hello
    Humgolf: Bosst, good day .. or night, whatever. What do you want?
    Player: fish
    Humgolf: Go away with that water-thing!
    Player: 007
    Humgolf: I’m not allowed to sell worms to people without a form 007 licence to drill or a 0815 artist licence.
    Player: 0815
    Humgolf: It’s a special licence for artists. It was only used once as I sold a white worm to Frietsiek and Yor.
    Player: god
    Humgolf: The worm does not care about gods, why should I?
    Player: life
    Humgolf: Can’t say I like it much.
    Player: army
    Humgolf: They should remember old dwarfish rotworm tactics. Think like a worm and the battle is almost won.
    Player: Bezil/Nezil
    Humgolf: Always chatting. How can someone talk that much?
    Player: Ferumbras
    Humgolf: A true enemy of the worms.
    Player: Big Old
    Humgolf: The mountain seems tasty as far as it concerns my worms.
    Player: buy rotworm (yes/no)
    Humgolf: Do you want to buy a rotworm?
    Humgolf: Hey, you don’t own a drilling licence. No deal!
    Humgolf: You’ll regret that.
    Player: buy/sell/food/goods/offer/stuff/ware
    Humgolf: I can’t sell you rotworms without you having a drilling licence, but I buy meat, ham and fresh dead rats for my rotworms. Ask me for a trade if you have any.
    Player: trade
    Humgolf: Take a look at what I buy.
    Player: gold
    Humgolf: Gold is one of the things my worms can unearth.
    Player: citizen
    Humgolf: Many noisy people down here are scaring my worms.
    Player: colossus
    Humgolf: Never was up there to look at it.
    Player: duria
    Humgolf: Thinks she’s to good to talk to rotworm tamers.
    Player: durin
    Humgolf: If he’d live today he’d be a rotworm tamer like me.
    Player: earth
    Humgolf: Home of the worms, home of my people, too.
    Player:  elves
    Humgolf: They are not worth to be mentioned.
    Player: Kruzak/emperor
    Humgolf: The emperor should spend more money on rotworm husbandry.
    Player: equipment
    Humgolf: If you own a good worm you need nothing else.
    Player: etzel
    Humgolf: Does a worm need spells to work his kind of magic? I do neither.
    Player: excalibug
    Humgolf: Silly fairy tale.
    Player: fire
    Humgolf: Where earth is giving, fire is taking. That’s the way of the elements.
    Player: farewell/bye
    Humgolf: Bye, Bosst.
    Player: general/motos
    Humgolf: That guy is a monster! I despise rotworm killers.
    Player: geomancers
    Humgolf: They have an understanding of worms.
    Player: jimbin
    Humgolf: His tavern is too crowded and too bright for a dwarf with taste like me.
    Player: maryza
    Humgolf: Don’t like the way she looks at my worms.
    Player: help
    Humgolf: I am here to help the worms, not the fools.
    Player: humans
    Humgolf: They are not cute and not intelligent.
    Player: minotaurs
    Humgolf: They are stupid and ugly.
    Player: plant
    Humgolf: Only a rotting plant is a good plant.
    Player: job
    Humgolf: I’m the chief rotworm tamer of Kazordoon. I sell rotworms and buy meat, tentacle pieces and tasty fresh rats for my worms.
    Player: kazordoon
    Humgolf: I like the mines best.
    Player: tibia
    Humgolf: More nice beneath this noisy green surface.
    Player: kroox
    Humgolf: Poor guy, has lost his drilling licence for drinking.
    Player: quest/task/what do
    Humgolf: What by the worm are you talking about?
    Player: name
    Humgolf: I’m Humgolf Molesight, Son of Earth, from the Molten Rock.
    Player: news
    Humgolf: Who needs news if the old things are still good enough?
    Player: orcs
    Humgolf: They are even more stupid and ugly than minotaurs.
    Player: pyromancer
    Humgolf: Hotheads.
    Player: time
    Humgolf: Time does not matter to a dwarf who understands the ways of the worm.
    Player: stone golem
    Humgolf: Too hard to be gnawed away by even the finest worm.
    Player: technomancer
    Humgolf: GO AWAY! I heard they think of replacing worms with machines. That is an OUTRAGE!
    Player: uzgod
    Humgolf: We are trading now and then. Fine dwarf he is.
    Player: worms
    Humgolf: They are so cute and so intelligent.











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