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    Player: hi / hello
    Huntsman: Howdy partner.
    Player: name
    Huntsman: Sorry, I don’t think telling a stranger your name is a smart thing to do.
    Player: balance
    Huntsman: To be honest, I don’t care too much about that spiritual balance thing. Better talk to Benevola about such things. …
    Huntsman: As a matter of fact though, if too many animals are killed, things might rapidly change for the worse. …
    Huntsman: So it’s only practical thinking to keep the balance in mind as long as I can afford it.
    Player: Benevola
    Huntsman: She is a bit overly concerned about that nature and balance stuff but she has a good heart. She is living in the woods between Carlin and Ab’Dendriel. I’ll mark her hut on your map.
    Player: huntsman
    Huntsman: I hunt game of all sorts to earn a living. I respect the balance of nature though and take only as much as I need.
    Player: job
    Huntsman: I’m just a simple huntsman.
    Player: white deer
    Huntsman: The white deer are somewhat sacred to the elves. Though their fur and antlers are rumoured to earn a decent amount of gold on the market, it’s probably not worth the trouble.
    Player: gold
    Huntsman: Just between you and me, I heard a guy named Cruleo is offering some handsome cash for the trophies of a white deer.
    Player: Cruleo
    Huntsman: He has a house in the wilderness. Just between Ab’Dendriel and the orcland. I’ll mark his hut on your map.
    Player: status
    Huntsman: The wildlife is healthy and vibrant.
    Player: bye
    Huntsman: Good bye. Take care

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