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    Player: Hi
    Ishebad: Be mourned, pilgrim in flesh. Are you looking for a promotion?
    Player: promotion/yes
    Ishebad: Do you want to be promoted in your vocation for 20000 gold?
    Player: yes
    Ishebad: You are already promoted.
    Player: name
    Ishebad: I am Ishebad the chosen.
    Player: job/arkhothep
    Ishebad: The pharaoh wants not to be disturbed. I am his grand vizier and responsible for the daily affairs of the city and promotions of heroes.
    Player: time
    Ishebad: Time does not matter to the undead.
    Player: Ankrahmun
    Ishebad: Our city will become the capital of a worldwide empire.
    Player: Darashia
    Ishebad: This village is so insignificant that our wise pharaoh has chosen to ignore it.
    Player: Darama
    Ishebad: The rule of our beloved pharaoh will soon span this continent and one day the whole known world.
    Player: Pharaoh
    Ishebad: Our immortal ruler, may he be blessed, is the keeper of our enlightenment and our saviour.
    Player: Scarab
    Ishebad: The scarabs are keepers of secrets. Some secrets are not meant for you mortals. Ever keep that in mind.
    Player: ascension/uthun/rah/akh
    Ishebad: Consult a priest to learn how you could achieve ascension.
    Player: Kazordoon/Ab’dendriel/Venore/Edron/Thais
    Ishebad: Other cities are of no importance. Ankrahmun will become the centre of the known world anyway.
    Player: ascension
    Ishebad: Consult a priest to learn how you could achieve ascension.
    Player: mourned
    Ishebad: You mortals are all to be mourned for your miserable existence.
    Player: Eremo
    Ishebad: It is said that he lives on a small island near Edron. Maybe the people there know more about him.
    Player: Tibia
    Ishebad: This world just awaits the wisdom of our pharaoh. It needs that wisdom and will soon learn to appreciate it.
    Player: mortality
    Ishebad: If you please our pharaoh, he will reward you and free you from your mortality.
    Player: Temple
    Ishebad: The temple will take care of your spiritual matters.
    Player: Undead / Undeath
    Ishebad: Undeath is only for the chosen.
    Player: Ashmunrah
    Ishebad: The fallen pharaoh did not see it was time to step back and let his son rule. So he met the fate that he deserved.
    Player: Farewell/Bye
    Ishebad: Good bye, Player!

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