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    Player: Hi
    Kawill: Welcome Haishen! May earth protect you!
    Player: Name
    Kawill: I’m Kawill Marbleeye, son of Earth from the Molten Rock.
    Player: Job
    Kawill: I’m the greatest geomancer among the dwarfs.
    Player: Geomancer
    Kawill: We investigate the will of the earth. It’s our duty to make sure that things work in a natural way.
    Player: Earth
    Kawill: The life-giving earth protects us, feeds us and takes us home once we have died.
    Player: Life
    Kawill: Life is given and fed by earth.
    Player: Fire
    Kawill: What earth is giving, fire is taking. That’s the way of the elements.
    Player: Kazordoon
    Kawill: By using the powers of fire and earth, we forced the river that once wound its way through the Big Old One to take another direction, and created our home.
    Player: Big Old One
    Kawill: The mountain we live in is called the Big Old One. It’s the mountain of mountains. It’s like a friend and protector of our race.
    Player: Durin
    Kawill: The celestial paladin, the protector of our race. The only divine being we care for, and the only one who still cares for dwarfs.
    Player: Etzel
    Kawill: I fear the sorcerers focus on the destructive forces of fire. They forget about the protection earth could provide.
    Player: Kroox
    Kawill: He’s a fine smith and his armor may save your neck one day.
    Player: Jimbin
    Kawill: He’s a jolly fellow and one of the oldest dwarfs alive.
    Player: Maryza
    Kawill: She’s a fine cook, jawoll.
    Player: Nietzsche
    Kawill: In his mind he might have been a giant, but in his heart he was a dwarf.
    Player: Bezil/Nezil
    Kawill: Bezil and Nezil have an equipment shop with an amazing assortment.
    Player: Duria
    Kawill: The first knight among the dwarfs is a fine woman.
    Player: Emperor/Kruzak
    Kawill: The emperor has rarely visited the temple district in the last years. He should care more about spirituality than about politics. Jawoll.
    Player: Excalibug
    Kawill: Ah, a weapon to be feared by man, beast and god alike, jawoll. He who wields it will be both blessed and cursed at the same time.
    Player: general
    Kawill: He finally made his peace with his own heart.
    Player: equipment
    Kawill: You can buy equipment in Bezil’s and Nezil’s little shop.
    Player: help
    Kawill: I’m a mere servant of earth’s will and not allowed to help you.
    Player: Phoenix
    Kawill: The Spark of the Phoenix is given by me and by the great pyromancer in the nearby fire temple. Do you wish to receive my part of the Spark of the Phoenix?
    Player: Pyromancer
    Kawill: They are the followers of the great flame.
    Player: Technomancer
    Player: Tibia
    Kawill: Nice world in general. It’s a shame that there is so much water that ruins this good impression.
    Player: Monster
    Kawill: May earth swallow them all!
    Player: Ferumbras
    Kawill: The day will come when he finally bites the dust.
    Player: Quest / what do / task 
    Kawill: There’s nothing I need, better ask someone else.
    Player: Uzgod
    Kawill: Uzgod is a blacksmith and understands the ways of his element well.
    Player: Time
    Kawill: Time is of no importance.
    Player: Gods
    Kawill: The gods are treacherous and vain. They want to use us for their little games. The only ones you can trust are the elements, because all they want is that nature runs its set course.
    Player: Army
    Kawill: Our fortresses are strong and easy to defend. Any aggressor will be smashed by our armies. Most intruders will not manage to pass the colossus.
    Player: Ashes
    Kawill: Whenever you receive a lethal wound, your vital force is damaged and there is a chance that you lose some of your equipment. With every single of the five blessings you have, this damage and chance of loss will be reduced.
    Player: Blessing
    Kawill: There are five different blessings available in five sacred places. These blessings are: the spiritual shielding, the spark of the phoenix, the embrace of Tibia, the fire of the suns and the wisdom of solitude. …
    Kawill: There are also two enhanced blessings for further reduction of experience loss.
    Player: Citizen
    Kawill: Many people live in the embracement of earth in Kazordoon.
    Player: Colossus
    Kawill: The big fortress that guards our realm is shaped like a dwarf.
    Player: Elves
    Kawill: Who cares for that silly people.
    Player: Fight
    Kawill: Never forget your defence when fighting.
    Player: Gold / Money
    Kawill: Gold is one of earth’s treasures. To have gold means to be blessed by earth. To be rich means to be favoured by earth.
    Player: Heal
    Kawill: You aren’t looking that bad. Sorry, I can’t help you. But if you are looking for additional protection, you should go on the pilgrimage of ashes.
    Player: Pilgrimage
    Kawill: Whenever you receive a lethal wound, your vital force is damaged and there is a chance that you lose some of your equipment. With every single of the five blessings you have, this damage and chance of loss will be reduced.
    Player: Humans
    Kawill: We are allied with this young race, though they seldom have the wisdom to listen to us.
    Player: Plants
    Kawill: Plants are minor messengers of earth. If you understand the soil, you understand the plants.
    Player: Poem
    Kawill: Who are you to ask about an ancient secret of my kind? I won’t tell you the poem.
    Player: Minotaurs
    Kawill: They left the right way long ago. Now they are lost and doomed. Their fate should be a warning to all of us.
    Player: Orcs
    Kawill: Stupid beasts. Their savagery is only rivalled by their smell.
    Player: Motos
    Kawill: The scars in this dwarf’s face tell the tale of many great battles.
    Player: News
    Kawill: There are no news as everything repeats itself.
    Player: Sacred places
    Kawill: Just tell me in which of the five blessings you are interested.
    Player: Stone Golem
    Kawill: These beings are filled with the power of earth. Therefore, they are sacred in a way.
    Player: Bye/Farewell
    Kawill: Earth under your feet, Haishen!

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