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    Player: hail king / hello king / salutations king
    King Tibianus: I greet thee, my loyal subject Player.
    Player: army
    King Tibianus: Ask the soldiers about that.
    Player: benjamin
    King Tibianus: He was once my greatest general. Now he is very old and senile so we assigned him to work for the Royal Tibia Mail.
    Player: bozo
    King Tibianus: He is my royal jester and cheers me up now and then.
    Player: carlin / city north
    King Tibianus: They dare to reject my reign over the whole continent!
    Player: castle
    King Tibianus: Rain Castle is my home.
    Player: chaos
    King Tibianus: Chaos arises from selfishness.
    Player: chester
    King Tibianus: A very competent person. A little nervous but very competent.
    Player: citizen
    King Tibianus: The citizens of Tibia are my subjects. Ask the old monk Quentin if you want to learn more about them.
    Player: druid / marvik
    King Tibianus: We need druidic healing powers to fight evil.
    Player: dungeon
    King Tibianus: Dungeons are no places for kings.
    Player: eclesius
    King Tibianus: What a shame, he was a skilled mage once.
    Player: enemy / enemies
    King Tibianus: Our enemies are numerous. The evil minotaurs, Ferumbras, and the renegade city of Carlin to the north are just some of them.
    Player: eremo
    King Tibianus: It is said that he lives on a small island near Edron. Maybe the people there know more about him.
    Player: equipment
    King Tibianus: Feel free to buy it in our town’s fine shops.
    Player: evil
    King Tibianus: We need all the strength we can muster to smite evil!
    Player: excalibug
    King Tibianus: It’s the sword of the Kings. If you return this weapon to me I will reward you beyond your wildest dreams.
    Player: falcon
    King Tibianus: As a young prince I have heard high tales of the Order of the Falcon. It was a topic in history lessons as well. As far as I know, their significance faded after a dispute with my father King Xenom. …
    King Tibianus: Their stronghold to the north is still largely intact and we left it alone for the most part. People tend to avoid it as the Order’s disappearance was never truly solved.
    Player: ferumbras
    King Tibianus: He is a follower of the evil God Zathroth and responsible for many attacks on us. Kill him on sight!
    Player: first dragon
    King Tibianus: The dragon was ancient beyond compare. Eventually even he had to succumb to old age and flew to the dragon cemetery to die there. Or so it is told.
    Player: food
    King Tibianus: Ask the royal cook for some food.
    Player: frodo
    King Tibianus: He is the owner of Frodo’s Hut and a faithful tax-payer.
    Player: god
    King Tibianus: Honour the Gods and above all pay your taxes.
    Player: gold / money / tax
    King Tibianus: To pay your taxes, visit the royal tax collector.
    Player: good
    King Tibianus: The forces of good are hard pressed in these dark times.
    Player: gorn
    King Tibianus: He was once one of Tibia’s greatest fighters. Now he sells equipment.
    Player: guild
    King Tibianus: The four major guilds are the knights, the paladins, the druids, and the sorcerers.
    Player: harkath / bloodblade / general
    King Tibianus: Harkath Bloodblade is the general of our glorious army.
    Player: help
    King Tibianus: Visit Quentin the monk for help.
    Player: how are you
    King Tibianus: Thank you, I’m fine.
    Player: job / subject
    King Tibianus: I am your sovereign, King Tibianus III of Thais, and it’s my duty to uphold justice and provide guidance for my subjects.
    Player: justice
    King Tibianus: I try my best to be just and fair to our citizens. The army and the TBI are a great help in fulfilling this duty.
    Player: king
    King Tibianus: I am the king, so watch what you say!
    Player: knight / gregor
    King Tibianus: The brave knights are necessary to protect the denizens of Thais.
    Player: merchant / craftsmen
    King Tibianus: Ask around about them.
    Player: minotaur
    King Tibianus: Vile monsters, but I must admit they are strong and sometimes even cunning … in their own bestial way.
    Player: mission / quest
    King Tibianus: I will call for heroes as soon as the need arises again and then reward them appropriately.
    Player: monster
    King Tibianus: Go and hunt them! For king and country!
    Player: name
    King Tibianus: Preposterous! You must know the name of your own king!
    Player: news
    King Tibianus: The latest news is usually brought to our magnificent town by brave adventurers. They recount tales of their journeys at Frodo’s tavern.
    Player: noodles / treasure
    King Tibianus: The royal poodle Noodles is my greatest treasure!
    Player: order
    King Tibianus: We need order to survive!
    Player: paladin / elane
    King Tibianus: The paladins are the great protectors of Thais.
    Player: reward
    King Tibianus: I don’t see how you would deserve a reward right now.
    Player: sam
    King Tibianus: He is a skilled blacksmith and a loyal subject.
    Player: sell
    King Tibianus: Sell? Sell what? My kingdom isn’t for sale!
    Player: sewer
    King Tibianus: What a disgusting topic!
    Player: shop
    King Tibianus: Visit the shops of our merchants and craftsmen.
    Player: sorcerer / muriel
    King Tibianus: The magic of the sorcerers is a powerful tool to smite our enemies.
    Player: tax collector
    King Tibianus: That tax collector is the bane of my life. He is so lazy. I bet you haven’t payed any taxes at all.
    Player: tbi
    King Tibianus: This organisation is an essential tool for holding our enemies in check. Its headquarter is located in the bastion in the northwall.
    Player: thais / city
    King Tibianus: Our beloved city has some fine shops, guildhouses and a modern sewerage system.
    Player: tibia / land
    King Tibianus: Soon the whole land will be ruled by me once again!
    Player: time / hero / adventurer
    King Tibianus: It’s a time for heroes!
    Player: zathroth
    King Tibianus: Please ask a priest about the Gods.
    Player: promot
    King Tibianus: Do you want to be promoted in your vocation for 20000 gold?
    Player: yes
    King Tibianus: You have already been promoted.
    Player: outfit / addon / armor / boot / helmet / donation
    King Tibianus: In exchange for a truly generous donation, I will offer a special outfit. Do you want to make a donation?
    Player: yes
    King Tibianus: Excellent! Now, let me explain. If you donate gold pieces, you will be entitled to wear a unique outfit. …
    King Tibianus: You will be entitled to wear the armor for 500.000.000 gold pieces, boots for an additional 250.000.000 and the helmet for another 250.000.000 gold pieces. …
    King Tibianus: What will it be?
    Player: yes
    King Tibianus: In that case, return to me once you made up your mind.
    Player: bye / farewell
    King Tibianus: Good bye, Player!

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