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    Player: hi / hello
    Lailene: What do you want in my magical robe store? I doubt I have anything that’s of interest to you.
    Player: brotherhood / bones
    Lailene: … what?! Uh – no, no. Of course I wouldn’t have anything to do with… them.
    Player: curse / moon / were
    Lailene: I’m an expert on magical robes and hats. But curses are not my subject. You should ask Milos or Luna about this.
    Player: Edron
    Lailene: Yeah, what about it?
    Player: hat
    Lailene: Currently I only buy batwing hats. Ask me for a trade if you want to sell one.
    Player: job
    Lailene: I sell and buy magical robes and hats. My customers usually appreciate that I don’t ask where they got the robes from they’re selling to me.
    Player: name
    Lailene: Lailene. That’s enough.
    Player: news
    Lailene: Good news for me would be if you either left or bought something.
    Player: Random Word
    Lailene: Excuse me, but I’m here to trade and not to chatter. If you’re not interested in my wares, don’t disturb me continuing my experiments.
    Player: robe / ware / stuff / goods / equipment / offer / buy / sell
    Lailene: I sell and buy magical robes and hats. My inventory is still small, but I’m confident that it will grow over time. Ask me for a trade to have a look.
    Player: time
    Lailene: It’s time you stopped bugging me.
    Player: trade
    Lailene: Here.
    Player: bye
    Lailene: See ya, Player.

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