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    Player: hi / ahoy / hello
    Larry: Ship ahoy!
    Player: help / mission / quest / task
    Larry: Kraaah!
    Player: corym
    Larry: Pi-Rats!
    Player: job
    Larry: Pir-rot!
    Player: name
    Larry: Larry. Larry. Larry.
    Player: news
    Larry: Three sheets to the wind!
    Player: Rita / line / rhyme
    Larry: Rita! Cheddar is spicy! Cheddar is spicy! Larry misses Rita!
    Player: Sniff
    Larry: Venore! Smuggler! Venore!
    Player: Queso
    Larry: Krah! Poor Queso! Krah!
    Player: Ra’Clette
    Larry: Witch! Powerful! Witch!
    Player: time
    Larry: Clock. Clock. Clock.
    Player: treasure
    Larry: Gold! Gems! Krah!
    Player: bye / farewell
    Larry: Ahoy, matey!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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