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    NPC: Lazaran

    Note: Transcription made after completion Unnatural Selection Quest

    Player: hi
    Lazaran: Me greet you, Mogh, hero and much friend of tribe!
    Player: beer
    Lazaran: Bee-ah? Sound like animal. Hope is not dangerous!
    Player: dragon people
    Lazaran: Like snakes on legs they are. Living in great cities in North. Once ruled all the land. Hunting all. Green men fought and stole plains from snakemen who are people of the dragons.
    Player: drink
    Lazaran: Yes! We drink to peace. And to success of great hunt.
    Player: dwarf / dwarves
    Lazaran: You ill? You make strange noise.
    Player: excalibug
    Lazaran: We often eat bug. Excalibug sound much yummy!
    Player: farmine
    Lazaran: Yes we often starving. Food not plenty.
    Player: fasuon
    Lazaran: Fasuon is watcher and judge. All day his flaming eyes looking on world. Only in night he sleeps, that is why many evil happens in night.
    Player: gods
    Lazaran: We know many gods. Pandor, god of war, Uzroth, god of spirits, Krunus, god of food and Fasuon, watcher with two burning eyes. You see, we know many gods, more than I can count.
    Player: green ones
    Lazaran: Fierce warriors, led by horned ones. Great numbers. Stealing plains from dragon people.
    Player: horned ones
    Lazaran: Horned people only few but fearsome warriors. Master of green ones they become. Making all green ones obey.
    Player: job
    Lazaran: Me chief of tribe.
    Player: kito
    Lazaran: Me look for Kito everywhere again. Always gone when something needs doing.
    Player: krunus
    Lazaran: Krunus let things grow. Gives women magic to grow little people.
    Player: land / zao
    Lazaran: Land called Zao by snakemen. Perhaps has meaning in snake language. We no need other name for land than land. Is no other we know.
    Player: language
    Lazaran: You speak language of priests. You language is holy language only leaders and priests speaking. That why we know you good. …
    Lazaran: Language of my people other language is. Tribe only know few words in holy language from prayers.
    Player: little men
    Lazaran: We come and see little men. They like us, only very little. They having good weapon and armor, like the greens.
    Player: lizard
    Lazaran: No, no, me called Lazaran. Not Leezaraad.
    Player: makao
    Lazaran: Me no want talk about Makao.
    Player: minotaur
    Lazaran: Not know of mean Otau. If he mean to you he not our friend either!
    Player: mission
    Lazaran: Me thank you much for your help. You done much to help tribe. No mission left, but only tasks.
    Player: monster
    Lazaran: Green ones on wolves chase us in plains. Dragon people are worse. All that green is mean. Ungh! Ungh!
    Player: namasa
    Lazaran: Yes.. Namasa young pretty woman.
    Player: name
    Lazaran: Me Lazaran.
    Player: pandor
    Lazaran: Pandor ashamed of us. We lost all to greens. Now we not in favour of Pandor. That’s why we live in cave.
    Player: task
    Lazaran: Many need doing. Me have colour task, mushroom task and hunt task.
    Player: tatak
    Lazaran: He sound our war drums! That where name come from. Tatak, tatak!
    Player: tibia
    Lazaran: Me no know what you mean.
    Player: tribe
    Lazaran: Our tribe here live long time. Tribe once was great, one of many. Now we are all what left of tribe. Snakemen hunted our people. Snakemen make many kill. Our people go hiding. Only go out in night when snakemen sleep. …
    Lazaran: All who survived gathered. Made new tribe. We trying to survive. We no seek war with others. We little hunt and much eat mushroom found in caves. Growing mushrooms we do to survive.
    Player: ulala
    Lazaran: Very wise priest. She speaks to gods, and can also speak to you. You can find upstairs on prayer place!
    Player: uzroth
    Lazaran: Uzroth is master of spirits, good and bad. Uzroth is very moody. One day he give you present, next day he send evil spirit. Must do much to make Uzroth happy.
    Player: war
    Lazaran: Many mighty monster rule land. We fight. We lose. We flee to mountain to hide.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Lazaran: Go good.

    Special Dialogue 1:

    Player: peace
    Lazaran: Yes, yes! Tribe make great peace with tribe of little men and you! You smoke pipes of peace with us?
    Player: yes
    Lazaran: We brothers in peace now. No blood will be shed with your people! Ugha!

    Special Dialogue 2:

    Player: peace
    Lazaran: Yes, yes! Tribe make great peace with tribe of little men and you! You smoke pipes of peace with us?
    Player: no
    Lazaran: You should think again. No good land to have too many enemies!


    Also, you can have dialogs with Lazaran about tasks. Words related to tasks are:


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