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    Player: hi
    Leeland: Greetings, Player! Please don’t interrupt me for too long!
    Player: interrupt / job
    Leeland: I’m the owner of the Useful Things Warehouse.
    Player: Warehouse
    Leeland: I offer many things. Actually I’m sure you’ll find something here you have desired for a long time.
    Player: time
    Leeland: So it is a watch you need? Make sure to buy one downstairs.
    Player: name
    Leeland: My name is Slim, Leeland Slim.
    Player: tibia
    Leeland: I have seen most of it. And I like it. <chuckles>
    Player: thais
    Leeland: Perhaps one day I’ll settle in Thais again. I love the city’s potential.
    Player: tax
    Leeland: Taxes are a necessary evil, people say. I like that.
    Player: army
    Leeland: Your question suggests you are interested in military? I’m sure you’ll find something interesting in my warehouse.
    Player: news
    Leeland: I would love to have the time to chat and exchange gossip, but sadly business always comes first, you know?
    Player: carlin
    Leeland: I was there some time ago. I exchanged ideas with some important people there and even could sell them something that furthered their cause.
    Player: king
    Leeland: Do I hear envy in your voice? Is this really what you want? To be … king? Well, one never knows … perhaps you find something royal in my warehouse.
    Player: ferumbras
    Leeland: Ah, Ferumbras. I remember selling him torches for his first adventure as if it was yesterday.
    Player: excalibug
    Leeland: That’s one of the few things even I can’t acquire for you.
    Player: privilege
    Leeland: Privileges have to be paid for. The one way … or the other.
    Player: gambling
    Leeland: I just love bets and gambling. It inspires people doing such interesting things.
    Player: bye
    Leeland: Good bye, Player. Make sure to visit my shop.

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