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    Player: hi
    Lorietta: Hi there, Player! What do you need?
    Player: name
    Lorietta: My name is Lorietta. But why do you ask? I knew your name without asking. Guess how!
    Player: need / job
    Lorietta: I guess I’m the local priest! They said only a priest of Kurik would be crazy enough to try spreading the faith in this town. And I tell you what: They have been soooo right!
    Player: priest
    Lorietta: Oh, we heal people and … and … do other nice stuff. You know?!
    Player: heal / help
    Lorietta: You do not need any healing right now.
    Player: Kurik
    Lorietta: Kurik is the patron saint of jesters, fools, and inventors. This might sound strange, but do you know any inventor that isn’t also a fool to some extent, and don’t you think jesters are quite inventive?
    Player: yalahar
    Lorietta: In its golden age, this city must have been a joy for Kurik’s eye. Even today you can still see some of its former glory here and there.
    Player: yalahari
    Lorietta: They must have been great inventors in the past. Nowadays not much of that is left. I guess they were foolish enough to let things slide.
    Player: vampire
    Lorietta: As long as I don’t invite them into my temple I’ll be fine.
    Player: palimuth
    Lorietta: He’s a bit too boring for my taste.
    Player: tibia
    Lorietta: Tibia is quite big, isn’t it?
    Player: adventurer’s stone
    Lorietta: Keep your adventurer’s stone well.
    Player: blood crystal
    Lorietta: Ehehehe! A blood crystal? You must be a fool looking for one. I like fools. Why don’t you check the cultist hideout in the magician quarter?
    Player: god
    Lorietta: The gods created all.
    Player: life
    Lorietta: Life can be a cruel joke sometimes.
    Player: people
    Lorietta: People come, people go.
    Player: ashes / blessing
    Lorietta: Whenever you receive a lethal wound, your vital force is damaged and there is a chance that you lose some of your equipment. With every single of the five blessings you have, this damage and chance of loss will be reduced.
    Player: blessings
    Lorietta: There are five blessings available in five sacred places: the spiritual shielding, the spark of the phoenix, the embrace of Tibia, the fire of the suns and the wisdom of solitude. Additionally, you can receive the twist of fate here. …
    Lorietta: There are also two enhanced blessings for further reduction of experience loss.
    Player: cookie
    Lorietta: Oh, nonono, but thank you!
    Player: excalibug
    Lorietta: If I were a hero, I’d rather search for the screwdriver of Kurik.
    Player: plant
    Lorietta: My preferred plant is salad.
    Player: monster
    Lorietta: Hey! You are not a beauty yourself!
    Player: news
    Lorietta: I’m only interested in new jokes, but I haven’t heard any lately.
    Player: sacred places
    Lorietta: Just ask in which of the five blessings you are interested in.
    Player: farewell / bye
    Lorietta: Bye bye, Player!

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by Haishen.
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