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    NPC: Malunga

    Note: This NPC still has some generic spell statements for the specific vocation

    Player: hi / hello
    Malunga: Greetings. I have only little time to spare, so the conversation will be short. I teach sorcerer spells and buy a few magical ingredients.
    Player: academy
    Malunga: The academy of Edron as a royal institution has several agendas here. Not all of them are to be discussed with outsiders.
    Player: civilisation
    Malunga: The little we know about the extinct civilisation hints about a magically advanced race of humanoids, possibly of elven heritage, that once inhabited those isles until the disaster struck …
    Malunga: They were probably quite adept in manipulating the magical currents that are extremely strong on these isles.
    Player: cult
    Malunga: It would not surprise me much if some superstitious fools mess around with the chaotic magical currents of this isle. Only the gods may know what harm they could do to themselves and others.
    Player: disaster
    Malunga: The disaster took place at least some centuries ago. Our researches convinced us that the isles here belonged to a single landmass in the past. That should give you an idea of the extent of this catastrophe.
    Player: edron
    Malunga: Edron is a place of learning, magic and secrets. But others are dealing with that already in other places. It is my obligation to handle those issues here.
    Player: education
    Malunga: I teach aspiring sorcerers several spells.
    Player: Ferumbras
    Malunga: I will not discuss this issue now and here. If you have any questions about him, the academy in Edron is the place to ask …
    Malunga: Considering that this is a rather delicate issue, you should have a good reason to ask though.
    Player: governor
    Malunga: The legal issues are handled by the local authorities and the academy via mail, so I can gladly concentrate on scientific matters.
    Player: ingredients
    Malunga: Well, ask me for a trade and I’ll show you what I need.
    Player: king
    Malunga: The king’s support of the academy is dwindling. I hope results in my researches will change this significantly.
    Player: loveless / theodore
    Malunga: A typical Venorean. Always around where the money is and constantly looking for a chance to make profit.
    Player: Morgaroth
    Malunga: The name Morgaroth is mentioned in ancient books quite a few times. He seems to be some higher demon lord who likes to seduce mortals with promises of power to become his worldly minions.
    Player: Orshabaal
    Malunga: Orshabaal is one of the most ambitious minions of the Ruthless Seven. He tries to impress his masters by raids on our world. He hopes the destruction he causes will eventually make him the warlord of the hordes of the seven.
    Player: pirate
    Malunga: Pirates are a constant pest. As long as their existence does not interfere with my researches, I don’t care much about them.
    Player: plantations
    Malunga: I have seen them only from afar.
    Player: quara
    Malunga: The quara are something that is worth some research. Sadly I lack the time and resources for further investigations.
    Player: researches
    Malunga: These isles hold more secrets than those that meet the eye. I am convinced that once a great civilisation prospered here. Some sort of disaster wiped out almost completely any trace of it.
    Player: rum
    Malunga: It is a rather uncultivated beverage for the lower classes.
    Player: secret / magic currents
    Malunga: Magic is not available everywhere at the same strength and intensity. There are areas that are dry like a desert, magically spoken, others are rich of magic. At some places magic flows as strong as if there were springs of magic …
    Malunga: At those places the savants build magical centres of great importance. My researches have shown that the chaotic currents of magic must have been more structured once and much stronger than today …
    Malunga: With the right knowledge the civilisation of the past could have worked literally marvellous with those energies …
    Malunga: Even today some use the now chaotic currents of magic to further their evil ends … but … that’s nothing I am supposed to talk about.
    Player: spare / job
    Malunga: I was sent here by the Edron academy for scientific researches. I am also responsible for the magical education of the citizens.
    Player: spell
    Malunga: Sorry, I only sell spells to sorcerers.
    Player: Striker
    Malunga: I heard he is one of the more notorious pirates.
    Player: sugar
    Malunga: As far as I understand sugar is quite important for this isle. It grows here in abundance but I had no chance yet to do some research about the causes of its immense growth.
    Player: thais
    Malunga: Well, Thais is not the city it used to be. Too many people, too noisy, too dirty.
    Player: trade
    Malunga: I’m always looking for certain magical ingredients to create my… potions.
    Player: triangle of terror
    Malunga: There seems to be some demonic cabal called Triangle of Terror. We don’t know anything about its members except that there are three of them.
    Player: venore
    Malunga: Those haggling and scheming merchants sometimes give me more shivers than a demon. At least you know what to expect from a demon.
    Player: voodoo
    Malunga: The superstition of the natives pushes this kind of hedge magic. It is intolerable that they are fooling around with powers they don’t understand.
    Player: Wyrmslicer
    Malunga: I don’t care much about the military. Given those pirates and quara, they are a necessary evil.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Malunga: Good bye.

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