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    NPC: Marcus

    Player: hi / hello
    Marcus: Ahoi. What is your business in the harbour?
    Player: carlin
    Marcus: A horrible town for a sailor. Imagine a town without alcohol, ruled by women! I guess if you are a pirate or some other dog, your afterlife starts in Carlin.
    Player: chondur
    Marcus: He is just some old man about which the townspeople are talking now and then. Who cares.
    Player: cult
    Marcus: People believe every nonsense. It is no surprise that there is some cult around here.
    Player: eleonore
    Marcus: The governor’s little princess, eh? Too fine and important to care about us ordinary people of course. Why should we care about her?
    Player: excalibug
    Marcus: I swear I have seen it in the bay just outside of Liberty Bay, deep in the ocean. I was … uhm catching some fresh air after a night of rum and card games. I looked over the railing into the sea and suddenly I saw that sword in a heap of gold and jewels.
    Player: Explorer Society
    Marcus: What a bunch of rich and ignorant fools. They have nothing better to do than their oh so important explorations whereas normal people like me have to actually work to earn their living.
    Player: ferumbras
    Marcus: Although he’s dead, they say that he is the father of all klabautermen.
    Player: governor
    Marcus: The governor does his job I guess.
    Player: harbour / job
    Marcus: I keep an eye on the cargo here in the harbour.
    Player: here / Liberty Bay
    Marcus: If people would mind their own business, the city could be a better place.
    Player: Isolde
    Marcus: You know, the spooky thing about her is that just before her arrival, a ship sunk whose figurehead was Isolde’s dead-ringer.
    Player: king
    Marcus: The king lives far away and appears like a fairy tale over here.
    Player: klabauter
    Marcus: A klabauterman is some sort of imp that lives on ships and plays quite evil and sometimes lethal pranks on those who annoy him or don’t buy his sympathy with little gifts.
    Player: Loveless / Theodore
    Marcus: A typical Venorean – rich and stiff. You never know what those moneybags are up to.
    Player: natives
    Marcus: Natives, eh? Well, I live here long enough to consider myself as a native. So mind your words.
    Player: pirate
    Marcus: <spits on the floor> I killed my share of pirates in my youth. Dogs that give sailors a bad name. Nothing more than bandits.
    Player: plantations
    Marcus: There are numerous plantations outside the town. You can’t miss them.
    Player: quara
    Marcus: The quara are one of the most murderous threats that the sea gave birth too. I would rather face a giant sea serpent than a horde of quara …
    Marcus: In the case of a sea serpent you know at least that you’ll end up devoured, but who knows what the quara will do to you.
    Player: Raymond Striker
    Marcus: Just another lousy pirate, although a quite daring and successful one.
    Player: rum
    Marcus: We have to guard the rum especially carefully. I can’t count anymore the numerous times that someone tried to steal rum from us.
    Player: sugar
    Marcus: Of course sugar is what we hoard most.
    Player: thais
    Marcus: Go away with that Thais. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it. Not impressive at all.
    Player: Tristan
    Marcus: I don’t know him well. He’s some knight up in the bastion in the mountains.
    Player: venore
    Marcus: They build fine ships in this town. That’s the best I can say about it. If you do not have enough money, you are nothing in Venore.
    Player: voodoo
    Marcus: Hah! What they call voodoo here is nothing compared to the things I have seen on my journeys when I was still young. I could tell you stories that would turn your hair grey … but I am not in the mood of storytelling right now.
    Player: Wyrmslicer
    Marcus: He knows the seas quite well. I think he could do better than to waste his time in some fort. He could sail the seas as a captain. To forfeit such a chance … just imagine.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Marcus: Bye.

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