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    This is one of the articles that was submitted to the contest. It was written by Varoos Moon

    Mintwallin – Ancient town at the end of maze!

    Varoos Moon

    Mintwallin – Ancient Town at the end of labirynt!

    Have you ever managed to visit the ancient city of Mintwallin? Have you ever wondered why the minotaurs shout “Kaplar”? Or do you know what the greatest treasure of the minotaurs is? I hope that each of these questions posed to you will encourage you to dive into this article.

    Good luck and happy huntings!

    1.Some notice at Varoos Moon’s diary.

    So finally I got information about Mintwallin…old Edowir…thanks mate…to Old Temple!…

    Eghh…Rotworms…awful creatures….but wait…. dead minotaurs…let’s take a look…book…a diary!…so Minotaurs diggin…but, but why?…Karl?!…who is Karl?!….who is Palker?…very interesting…but have to keep going forward…

    Which tunnel should I choose…a lot blind spots…orcs here?!…

    …did they find way go trough orcs fortress?…WHAT THE??…Dwarf boat here?!…

    More green skin creatures…another book!…two enemies…interesting…what humans doing here??….maze raises more and more question…. very excited….

    Woah!…a Dragon!…Is a same dragon from Minotaur’s diary?!….There is hole behind him…*trick a Dragon and run away*…Look behind him there is a descent to a further level of the labyrinth…let’s go! …

    More minotaurs!…Am in right part of maze?…Indeed…city of minotaurs?!…Awesome!….Maybe I will meet a King!…Goshhhh…again blind spot….Why they yealling Kaplar?….

    Wait a sec…a kingdom?!…No way…but,yes….Kingdom of Kormarak….I heard about…human city!…Let visit them…I’m starving…Aaaaahh!…Dead creatures!!!….Dare you, skeleton!….There is nothing…just dead…let’s back on track!….

    Wonder what else I’ll find in the tunnels?….More minotaurs….and?…Orcs, again…they fighting each other…I shoud leave them in their rage….I wonder what else we’ll find in the tunnels?

    An endless labyrinth, how long before find the desired destination?!…Before I could finish my sentence I encountered another group of minotaurs….

    They looked hungry, as soon as they saw me they rushed to attack me and take my provisions… We made a deal… My food in exchange for information about the way to the city….I need to rest for a while…Oh another book! Interesting…These minotaurs are outcasts…led by Palkar…Wait I already heard that name somewhere, is it possible that Palkar and Palker are the same person?… *Knowing the writing skills of minotaurs*… it’s almost certain he’s the same person!…I show them both books…and use sign language to make sure of my discovery… One of the minotaurs makes a “Kaplar” sound and nods in agreement…. Ah yes Kaplar!… After all, it’s a letter swap from Palkar’s name!…. So that’s how the outcasts know who’s on their side!… It’s getting more and more exciting… I’m off to find the city, the minotaurs say it’s not far…but where is all this Palkar?

    Well rested I rush ahead…. I didn’t wait long…another find…a magic hut…

    Agghhh! Lots of horrible monsters…I sweated a little during the fight….

    Full of books about magic…. but where is the host? Well nothing I move on….Wait, one book contains a riddle?

    Grass…Woah!… in a maze?! Maybe it’s the magic hut host’s doing! Hello, is anyone here?!

    Another hole…and in it 4 graves…wait isn’t that what the riddle is about…. have to find the host of the huts….

    There was the last possible way left … I hope to find the city soon …. ladder, ladder! … yes! I found Mintwallin the legendary city of…the minotaurs ….

    The hosts are not very accommodating … they brought me to the presence of the King …. King Makrwin … he turned out to be friendly …

    I learned that Palkar is his enemy … About his son’s death and his serious wound … that they keep their greatest treasure in a secret laboratory – milk … and … that they have a man here! … I’m going to talk to him …

    The prisoner seems insane … he is the host of the magical hut … in addition he is praised and says that he is a great magician … so why won’t he get away from here? … I managed to solve his mystery … I got the key … is this the key to the secret minotaur laboratory? … take a look around the city maybe I’ll find something else …

    Obelisk … Demon … many brave minotaurs died in the fight against evil from hell … interesting … time for me, I reach end of maze…*Use teleport scroll*…*failed*… need to take walk…

    So…there is a exit…but wait a minute…a very strange minotaur stand there…”Hey you, Stop!”….

    I catch him for little take…Could you imagine, he is…a human in minotaur disgue…he’s making reaserch…Watch out clever guy!…Will bring you some meet next time!…Bye!

    2.Diary description/thesis

    Good day, Dear Readers!

    Hope had great time with just part of Varoos’s diary (wanna see more?!). At this section I will try to explain at questions and guess it will not leave any doubts!

    So our little hero (Varoos) would like to find way to Mintwallin, to find way he ask one of the oldest Tibia NPC – Edowir, who told him to reach Old Temple (Ancient Temple at North from Thais). By the way, I personally suggest you to visit that NPC. He has a lot of knowlage.

    Varoos found dead minotaurs bodies at Ancient Temple. One of bodies contained book – Diary of minotaur. We read there about his progress in digging, about Karl and Palker!

    Karl and Palker

    Who is Karl?! — He has a glowing sword, a blue armor and green pants made of dragon-skin. Which items he held? For me it may be MPA, Dragon scale legs and bright sword. Reading the diary further, we learn that the warrior showed no mercy to the minotaurs and, shouting Tataah! Stop here for a moment! Someone wearing equipment similar to yours? Yes, that’s the character of one of the first players! Just type Karl into the character finder on the game’s official website. Doesn’t his character description remind you of a certain phrase from the minotaur’s diary! Tataah! In addition, note that some of the minotaurs shout “Kirrl Karrrl!” which probably means “Kill Karl!”. His duel with the minotaurs must have been so epic that the game gods put it in the game forever!

    For Palker himself our small Varoos, solve mistery in his notices. But where is Palkar then? Did he run away and leave their outcast friends? Will back to it at the end!

    Dwarf Boat and Kormarak

    What about Dwarfs boat and Kormarak?! As we read at best sources of Tibia knowlage TibiaWiki – “Mintwallin is the Minotaur city hidden below the Ancient Temple just north west of the Thais north gate. Before they invaded it, this city was called Kormarak and inhabited by humans. However, it were the dwarves who originally founded this settlement, and who eventually abandoned it because it was too dangerous a place.” (For source pls click)

    Perhaps Dwarfs sadly never reach boat…Who knows…

    Also Kingdom of Kormarak was destroyed, only dead creatures living there. However at TibiaWiki we may find extra information about that Kingdom “… some Thaians did not agree to

    Tibianus’s reign, and separated themselves by venturing through the Ancient Temple to eventually settle in an ancient city they called Kormarak. Tibianus’s relationship with Kormarak was a grim one.” – the history of the city goes back to the times of the first king and reach to his grandson Yorik II – Yorik II was the one who had to seal the entrance to Kormarak after the Minotaurs had invaded the city and made it theirs. Interesting is word seal…What if minotaurs destroyed seal by digging…We will back to it! (For source pls click)

    Let’s check what is next in diary. Our hero found some outcast which we already know are leaded by mysterious Palkar, as Varoos found magic hut as well. Who living there and why, we may ask? But if host was sent here to keep seal close?!

    Finally Varoos reach a Town – Ancient Town Mintwallin. Guard to him to King Markwin. Who told him about Prisoner, his Son, Palkar, secret laboratory and Demon.


    At south of cities there is a Obelisk in memory of Minotaurs who fought against Demon. According to TibiaWiki we know there was spawn of Demon…Demon who drop first famous Helmet of the Stars, knowing in these days as Golden Helmet. But what if Monster was a seal?!?! Place of Demon respawn is a place when Palkar outcast start dig! Another fact – If we separate Minotaur King name Markwin in two words we will get Mark and Win. In English language Mark and Seal words have same meaning. Minotaurs hardly kill demon so in fact they WIN against seal – Markwin!

    A Prisoner

    Is owner of magic hut, seems to be powerful mage however cannot conjure Demon. Varoos solve his riddle and as a prize got key to his magic hut, where we may find key to minotaur laboratory (For source pls click). Why he appear in Minotaur City? Perhaps he saw digging minotaurs and was curious if they break a seal (Demon). Sadly for him, He got arrested.

    Secret Laboratory

    King Markwin hide his laboratory…but why, lucky his tongue is long..he hide his biggest treasure MILK!. What we can make from milk?! A cheese! One of book mention – Minotaur cheese is a specialty, often envied by decadent human nobles. What if Palkar steal a key for a milk? Next step? Sell to human! Be reach and live by his own!

    At the end Varoos meet human in Minotaur’s skin. He was so excited about Minotaurs. He’s name was Boveas. Pretty simple yea?! But…Did you remember minotaur from Svargrond Area…yes! Minotaur’s name was Bovinus. Pretty similar right? What if human catch a minotaur and send him to area? Or Minotaur had enough of dark life and made a deal with human? Sadly both stay silent!

    What faith met Palkar?

    Personally I think Palkar leave their outcast with one of famous explorer – Alistair Cropwell. If we ready Royal Archives at Thais Archives we may find information that Alistair was executed for claiming that there existed another empire besides the Thaian one. Is the mention about Kormarak?! Alistar mentioned about mighty city in his note – ..strange things I saw today! A mighty city, inhabited with fearsome beings. Dark rituals, the reason of which I could not discern. Are these people friend or foe? I do not know. I remain in hiding and observe… What if Kormarak was city full of potential with dark magic and it was destroyed by their own residents and their rituals?…But let’s back to Alistair

    and his execution…personally I do not believe in this case…at Tibia land we may find 2 graves saying You see a grave. You read: R.I.P. Here rests Alistair Cropwell. May his soul gain the peace he sought for in his travels. One is located at Thais Graveyard another in Pits of Inferno. For me he just run away with his new friend Palkar. Where/When they meet, it’s sadly hard to say. But where they are now, is easier part. Personally guess their current residence is Rathleton City. I suggest you to visit one of tools/runes shop. You may find 2 NPC there – ALISTAIR and MARO! Alistair came to city to learn The Rare Fauna and Flora of Oramond (that’s a name series of his books), so he still exploring!…And Maro…Maro is a MINOTAUR!…however saying that his-father Alistair found his when he was small…at Oramond. Here is BIG LIE…Why then he look like casual Minotaur not like this from Oramond?!


    Just one thing it gives me no peace, Who was a King of Kormarak Kingdom?

    Hope you like mine points of view! What did you found about Mintwall already?!

    3.Facts about Minotaurs / Mintwallin

    Greek Myths

    Minotaur (stgr. Μινώταυρος Minṓtauros, Latin. Minotaurus) – a figure from Greek mythology. Usually depicted as a man with a bull’s head, but sometimes as a creature with a torso and a head of a man, and from the waist down with a bull’s body.

    He was born of the union of Pazyfae, the wife of Minos, and the bull sent by Poseidon. Minos promised to sacrifice the animal, but he did not keep this promise. Poseidon took his revenge, making Pazyfae love the bull.

    The menacing Minotaur was locked up by King Minos of Crete in a Labyrinth, which was located under the Palace of Knossos.(Source: Wikipedia)

    According to above we may compare labyrinth/ Mintwallin as Labyrinth from Greek’s Myth. At myth prisoner was a Minotaur, but in Tibia prisoner is a human. An interesting contradiction. I suspect that the name Kormarak was coined by analogy to the name of the city of Knossos. In fact we may find enter to Kormarka Kingdom above levels than Mintwallin.


    Mooh’Tah is a kind of minotaursean philosophy. Teach them control, harmony and focus. Today, Mooh’Tah philosophy is mostly used in battles. Each Mooh’Tah master focuses his skills on the harmony of battle. He is one with the song that he’s singing with his voice or at least his heart. This is where the minotaursean battlesongs come from. (Source: Tibia Wiki, Books)


    Tha’Kull was a mighty minotaur of his time: very strong but not the strongest. He like most of the other minotaurs was cursed by the rage of Brog which they endured when in battle. Often this rage would drive them to kill their own kind as well as enemies. This won their battles but as well resulted in mortal wounds which would result in death: from the wounds or those who then killed them. One day Tha’Kull realised what he and his brethren were doing and he left Minotaurean society to live as a hermit. In his travels he met a blind minotaur named Akkor. Tha’Kull taught Akkor how to strengthen his body and Akkor in turn taught Tha’Kull how do better realise his soul. With his new found strength Tha’Kull returned to his people to present the alternative. It was not acceptable then to reject the rage so he was met with resistance. Only in the fights of those who challenged Tha’Kull did they realise that what he said was true. The calmness and presence of mind his new philosophy taught him gave him the upper hand in each fight. Then the minotaurs were convinced and gradually accepted his view. This philosophy, Mooh’Tah, led the minotaurs into an age of prosperity. HARMONY IS A POWER!! (Source: Tibia Wiki, Books)

    Interesting fact was that Kull is a fictional character created by writer Robert E. Howard. Who was barbarian warrior. Seems very fimilary to Tibia’s minotaur.


    Akkor was born a blind minotaur and this loss of sense gave him a very different outlook on the world. Long ago, in the times of the raging of Blog, the minotaurs were a primitive yet prosperous and strong race. Minotaur warriors were filled with rage and blindly attacked their enemeies filled with hate and violence. A warrior named Tha’Kull got over his rage one day in battle, and left the life of a warrior to become a hermit. Akkor aproached this hermit one day. Akkor was wise and tranquil and felt no rage as the other minotaurs did. As Tha’Kull was once an experienced warrior, he taught Akkor the ways of training one’s body, and Akkor returned the favor by teaching the art of meditation and improving the soul. By harnessing this power of tranquility, Tha’Kull was able to elegantly slay his enemies with the greatest of ease. The minotaurs started to acknowledge this power, and also sought to improve their souls. Akkor is known as the founder of modern Minotaurean philosophy and religion. Thanks to Akkor, minotaurs everywhere have learned a new way of life. (Source: Tibia Wiki)

    Mooh’Tah Master

    Few of the minotaurs adopted the mooh’tah philosophies so strongly that they became masters. In the game, we can meet two champions – one in Zao, where we can face him in the arena in the orc camp. Second in Svargrond in the Warlord arena. Personally, I think the third is General Murius. After all, the king must have Master Mooh’Tah with him! (Source: Personal)

    Minotaurs Sects

    The minotaurs know several sects with several purposes.

    The Worm Priestess believes in Great Worm and they actually lead the minotaurs from Mintwalin to a promised land. You may find them often at Oramond Land. The worms are first skilled alchemists, the preachers are second and always excellent magicians, often for some reason deserters from the death cult. Most of the miracles they show are the product of their potions and ointments, others are easily recognized as basic magic. It is rare for worm priests to cooperate with each other. Whenever this happens, the usually very powerful worm priest united them by force and trickery and pulls their strings. Since the united cult has not yet emerged, fights between worm priests and their followers against another cult sect are common and usually bloody. All sects consider Harraz, the first worm prophet, holy. So what if they learn from Might City resident, about which Alistair remaind in notes? (Source: Tibia main page)

    Minotaur Cults believes in False God. NPC who lead to their Land after defeating their God say to us – You say the minotaurs were controlled by a very powerful boss they worshipped. This explains why they had so much more power than the normal ones. … In fact teleport to their Land we may find next to entrance to Mintwallin. (Source: Tibia Wiki)

    The minotaur amazons are an all-female minotaur sect that revere the great mother, also known as holy cow. Holy Cow! What a relief Minos has females! (Source: Tibia main page)


    Last Execowtioners are last sects, the mooh’tah masters and the death magicians being the most prominent outside the minotaur society. One of the most secretive sects is what the minotaurs call the high judges. They are the sheriffs, judges and executioners of the minotaurs, combined into a single person. They are almost seen as mythical figures and are structured like a military order and a secret society at once. No one knows who hides beneath their shrouds and masks. They are faceless as justice itself. The requirements to join their order is as unknown as their recruitment process. They rarely talk to outsiders other then to proclaim a sentence. Recently the order has stepped forward from the shadows though and their grandmaster proclaimed a death sentence to all enemies of minotaurhood. (Source: Tibia main page)

    City of Mintwallin is unique!

    I took one of in-game books as source – The Tibian Wonders of the World!

    The known and acknowledged wonders of the world are:

    The colossus of Kazordoon

    The black pyramid of Dracoria

    The great lighthouse tree of Ab’dendriel

    The thorntower of Shadowthorn

    The underground city of Mintwallin

    The black city of skulls in Hellsgate

    The great lava falls in Hellsgate

    The pyramid city of Ankrahmun

    Let’s see some photos of this lovely place! (Source: Book)

    Thank you for reading my article, count for some more exploration together! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Tibians!

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    HAIL \,,,/

    Only because of my recent discover I’ve came across with your article, well done! Unfortunately one of your statements could misleading or mislead the readers.

    “Dwarf Boat and Kormarak


    What about Dwarfs boat and Kormarak?! As we read at best sources of Tibia knowlage Tibia Wiki”

    Nothing against or personal just TibiaWiki is far away from best sources of Tibia knowledge.

    Adding 2 ss.

    No.1 was made in October 2021

    No.2 is from today

    What’s wrong with the photos?


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    i only have one question:

    is this available on tibiaME?

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