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    Player: hi
    Mother Of Jack: I demand an explanation of you entering our house without any invitation.
    Player:  job
    Mother Of Jack: I do the cooking and some other housework. Jack’s sister Jane is helping me a lot, though.
    Player: name
    Mother Of Jack: I’m the mother of Jack and Jane.
    Player: Jack
    Mother Of Jack: JAAACK!! Why won’t he come up here? Jack!! No, no I can’t believe it.
    Player: Jane / sister / daughter
    Mother Of Jack: Well, Jane is of course helping me with the household, always doing this and that. Hardworking girl she is, hardworking girl.
    Player: thais
    Mother Of Jack: I don’t even know where that is.
    Player: king / tibianus
    Mother Of Jack: Now you start asking the same things like Jack’s sister, what’s all the fuss about visiting the king anyway.
    Player: edron
    Mother Of Jack: I have lived here as long as I can remember. And the same goes for Jack and his sister Jane.
    Player: excalibug
    Mother Of Jack: I’m afraid I don’t understand.
    Player: tibia
    Mother Of Jack: I’m happy right here as long as Jack and Jane are with me.
    Player: army
    Mother Of Jack: I would never allow Jack to go away from here, he stays with us.
    Player: news / rumours
    Mother Of Jack: I’m sorry but I do not have any news for you.
    Player: time
    Mother Of Jack: It’s exactly 6:47 am.
    Player: bye
    Mother Of Jack: Farewell.

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