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    Player: Hi
    Murim: Hello and welcome to the Farmine bank and post office, Player!
    Player: Bored
    Murim: Okay okay, no need to be rude! It seems you are already know everything.
    Player: Caves
    Murim: If people were more interested in the mines instead the lodging caves, we’d make far more progress!
    Player: Mines
    Murim: Ah well, they probably could get more ore from the mines if they spent less resources on comfort and lodging. …
    Murim: A true dwarf needs no comfort at all! A few of the younger dwarfs seem to forget that we are here for profit and not for holidays.
    Player: Dwarf
    Murim: Ah, my proud brothers and sisters. Only dwarfs could succeed with such an immense tunnelling project.
    Player: Progress
    Murim: Things could go smoother and faster. Speaking of this: Shouldn’t you be out there completing some missions? Time is money!
    Player: Elves
    Murim: Luckily we’re far away from them.
    Player: Excalibug
    Murim: A weapon of pure power – or a weapon of pure imagination. Who knows?
    Player: Esrik
    Murim: If he only stopped bugging Ongulf about resources. We’ve already spent too much money on things that yield no immediate profit. …
    Murim: But in the end, only profit will convince the imperial mining guild to continue their support.
    Player: Mining guild
    Murim: It took my three weeks with almost no sleep to do all the paperwork for my business permission, but it was worth it! …
    Murim: The guild is sticking to the old traditions and that is a good thing for sure.
    Player: Ongulf
    Murim: Now he is one-of-a-kind and a born leader.
    Player: Farmine
    Murim: A promising project for Kazordoon.
    Player: Kazordoon
    Murim: I hope this new project lets Kazordoon prosper. Half of my family is involved in Farmine one way or another. If things turn out well, we will earn a hefty sum of money.
    Player: Job
    Murim: I work for the Tibian bank.
    Player: Tibia
    Murim: What would Tibia be without dwarfs? Elves, on the other hand, are quite expendable.
    Player: Mission
    Murim: My only mission is to keep this little office running.
    Player: Bye
    Murim: Bye.

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