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    Player: hi / hello
    Nathaniel: Greetings Mogh! You look like a friend of nature! Oh by the way, I have some news about the contest unless you want to talk about bonus points first!
    Player: envelope
    Nathaniel: The three wizards dropped these envelopes everywhere in the world. A lot of creatures have been carrying envelopes all over Tibia.
    Player: bonus
    Nathaniel: You currently have no bonus points to spend. Would you like me to explain the bonus point system or do you want to exchange coloured powders?
    Player: exchange / queen / select / luck / chess
    Nathaniel: Mh, you are not of green colour. Either you did not join a wizard yet or – the unthinkable – you joined a different colour than green! You can only claim a reward from me once you have joined the green wizard.
    Player: explain
    Nathaniel: Alright. Shall I talk about the collecting points or your rewards for exchanging points? Or do you ask yourself why Zaoan chess?
    Player: fan
    Nathaniel: There are two others like me, an orange fan in Carlin and some girl for violet in Thais. Trust me green is the colour to go… but hey, you can always check out the others.
    Player: fern
    Nathaniel: Fern is the wizard of Nature. Behold his powers and the elemental might that is nature itself.
    Player: furb / fun / orange / violer / spend
    Nathaniel: Mh, you are not of green colour. Either you did not join a wizard yet or – the unthinkable – you joined a different colour than green! You can only claim a reward from me once you have joined the green wizard.
    Player: green / colour
    Nathaniel: Green is my colour. It is what I stand for. Green represents the wizard Fern of Nature of which I am a great fan.
    Player: job
    Nathaniel: I am a fan and want to inform other Tibians about the BEST colour to join, the best wizard, the great CAUSE! NATURE! Wizard Fern, whose colour is green of course!
    Player: join
    Nathaniel: You can join any wizard by using the powder you can find in the envelope on yourself and the rest on someone who did not already join a wizard and has the right colour. …
    Nathaniel: Combining yellow and red will result in orange, yellow and blue will be green and red with blue results in violet.
    Player: name
    Nathaniel: My name is Nathaniel. I am a friend of everything green!
    Player: nature
    Nathaniel: Nature is the element of Fern, the wizard I represent.
    Player: news
    Nathaniel: The wizard contest has begun, join a colour – join green – join the friends of nature! I can also help you check the status of the contest if you’re already a fan!
    Player: points
    Nathaniel: As you know, the three wizards scattered magical envelopes all over Tibia. During this event, a lot of different kinds of monsters will drop those magic envelopes. …
    Nathaniel: These envelopes contain coloured powders you can use to colour yourself. Doing this, will yield 10 bonus points for you. …
    Nathaniel: You will receive another 10 bonus points if you find another player with the right colour for you to combine with and join one of the three wizards. …
    Nathaniel: In addition to the 20 points you can gather by joining a wizard you can collect up to 10 more points by returning any coloured powders you find. I am a fan of Fern, the green wizard of Nature and will accept blue and yellow powders. …
    Nathaniel: The fans of Feiz, the violet wizard of power will accept red and blue powders, Furb of Fun’s orange fans will accept yellow and red.
    Player: powder
    Nathaniel: The envelopes that came with the creatures contain a magical powder. The three wizards created it to let you represent each of their elements.
    Player: power / feiz
    Nathaniel: Feiz is the wizard of Power. Strength, influence and infinite might are his attributes. If you value these attributes, join him.
    Player: rewards
    Nathaniel: To repay the continuing support of the Tibians, the wizards have created a special version of their favourite game – Zaoan chess. …
    Nathaniel: By taking part in the event and with a little luck you will be able to receive a unique set of Zaoan chess figurines, including a unique box for all 32 obsidian and jade pieces. …
    Nathaniel: For 5 points you will receive a surprise figurine of a random colour which can be anything, even the queen. …
    Nathaniel: For 20 points you will be able to select a figurine of a random colour except the queen. …
    Nathaniel: For 60 points you will receive a queen. Guaranteed and on top of that you will be able to choose the colour as well. …
    Nathaniel: You will receive the chess box for free from the appropriate fan if you have joined a wizard. Just ask me how to spend your points if you are ready.
    Player: status
    Nathaniel: Violet seems to be the winning colour at the moment. Green is the runner-up.
    Player: tibianus
    Nathaniel: I wonder what colour he chose…
    Player: wizard / contest
    Nathaniel: There are 3 wizards. Each of them represents a different element which can be easily identified by a unique colour. …
    Nathaniel: There is ‘orange’ for wizard Furb of Fun, ‘green’ for wizard Fern of Nature and ‘violet’ for wizard Feiz of Power.
    Player: Zaoan
    Nathaniel: Well, it’s a long story. It has a lot to do with wizardry, a little with chess and quite much with a lady. I know that there must be a book about it, somewhere in a library in Thais.
    Player: bye
    Nathaniel: Farewell friend.

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