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    Player: hi / hello
    Ned Nobel: Hi fellow, do you need rockits for the upcoming turn of the year? Just let me know if you want to trade.
    Player: Alfred
    Ned Nobel: He laid the foundation for my invention.
    Player: equipment / goods / stuff / offer / sell / ware
    Ned Nobel: I can offer you rockits to celebrate the upcoming new year! Just ask me for a trade.
    Player: father
    Ned Nobel: He laid the foundation for my invention.
    Player: invention
    Ned Nobel: I did plenty of testing and I can proudly say that they are much safer and better now. Nevertheless I can’t tell you the formula. It’s a secret.
    Player: job
    Ned Nobel: I’m an inventor and a salesman. You know, without money no inventions.
    Player: name
    Ned Nobel: My name is Ned. Ned Nobel. Maybe you knew my father, his name was Alfred!
    Player: secret
    Ned Nobel: No, I will not tell you and now stop bothering me I have to work.
    Player: stop / next
    Ned Nobel: Tomorrow, I’ll return to my secret laboratory and be sure that I won’t tell you where that is. I need that privacy to come up with new inventions.
    Player: trade
    Ned Nobel: Here, take a look. But don’t light them here in my pocket! I wish you a Happy New Year!
    Player: bye / farewell
    Ned Nobel: I wish you a prosperous new year Player!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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