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    NPC: Nokmir

    Player: Hi
    Nokmir: You are….kind of tall! Hello. What brings you here?
    Player: Here
    Nokmir: I guard the entrance to the northern part of the mine.
    Player: Mine
    Nokmir: It’s a crystal mine. Nothing special, at least not for a dwarf.
    Player: Dwarf
    Nokmir: Yes, I’m a dwarf and you are standing in the crystal mines of Beregar.
    Player: Beregar/city
    Nokmir: Yes, these are the crystal mines of Beregar. The city itself is just above. Just go up the stairs south of here and you’re almost there.
    Player: Name
    Nokmir: My name is Nokmir.
    Player: Emperor Rehal
    Nokmir: He’s a good emperor but I doubt he is wise enough to see the truth behind that false accusation against me. If just someone would find out the truth about that whole mess.
    Player: Grombur
    Nokmir: Sooner or later, his drinking will get him into trouble. I promise.
    Player: Frafnar
    Nokmir: I try to stay away from him, he really annoys me with his ‘I’m sooooo in love’ chitchat.
    Player: Xorlosh
    Nokmir: He is a genius in mechanical issues. You find him south of here at the elevator.
    Player: Beer
    Nokmir: I don’t drink beer at work anymore. It just causes trouble.
    Player: Rerun
    Nokmir: I heard that Emperor Rehal imprisoned him. I never thought that he would be able to do such a malicious act.
    Player: Ring
    Nokmir: I doubt Rerun will need it in prison.
    Player: Help/mission
    Nokmir: You’ve already helped me soooo much. I wouldn’t dare bothering you again.
    Player: What / Where
    Nokmir: You are in the mines of Beregar. Made your way through the lava cave, huh? Not bad.

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