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    “Conversation – the key to knowledge” was a great written piece, I’d like first to congratulate the team of tibiasecrets, really nice job.

    I started sending messages to Mogh and Bosst, but I agree with them that the discussions should take place here in the forums.

    Recently, I started working in some mysteries of Tibia again, and now I’m looking to aggregate as much knowledge as possible for the discoveries that are lurking before our eyes.

    I’m posting here some keywords and ideas for keywords that can be used in the game to try and find some juicy secrets.


    Salutations :

    hello “Name of NPC”
    greetings (yes, there are 2 options)
    good day
    hiho “Name of NPC”
    be mourned pilgrim flesh
    charach (orc)
    hail general
    salutations general


    Why it’s important? some keywords might be hidden in plain sight, example for Frodo in Thais:

    Player: Hi
    Frodo: Welcome to Frodo’s Hut. You heard about the news?


    Player: Hello Frodo
    Frodo: Hello, hello, Player and welcome. You heard about the news?

    So with one new salutation, you discovered another keyword to interact on the sight: “welcome”

    I propose to talk some chit chat with the NPCs too, as some respond to the “how are you” specifically, so:

    Chit Chatting NPCS (My proposals)

    I am “Player Name”
    How is the weather
    How are you
    What is up
    What’s up
    Do you sell “something”
    Do you have “something”
    What do you do
    What do you “something”


    The Goodbyes maybe can alter the line and prove more insight

    thank you
    see you
    asha thrazi


    Future Propositions
    Gathering keywords is hard, testing them are tedious, If someone have a method to test the results I’d be glad.

    For now, I’m looking in:

    1. Index the words and interaction phrases of the leaked NPC files
    2. Index the words of the tibia.fandom database, maybe use some wordclouds as a visual aid on importance
    3. Index the words on the website, including genesis, lore posts, monsters words, city/location maps descriptions, and everything else (in this order of priority in my opinion)
    4. Index words on thewaybackmachine old websites
    5. Index words from old fansites and “gods” (nightmareknights, deuderonomy chronicles, etc)
    6. Index words from DnD books
    7. Index words from MUD games
    8. Maybe some other stuff…

    For the wiki and the tibia site, I think my approach will be with two fronts, first is the pure and simple word, nothing more… Besides the 255 char limit dictates that for a little convenience, it might be ok to use more than one keyword at the same time… if a  response is found, all the other keywords are tried again.

    But I think some are key phrases(composite names of creatures or NPCs for examples) and they need to use the entire name and not only one word, and that is the catch. When you a human see the text, and knowing how Tibia works, might have an insight that the words “eternal bond” (from genesis) might be a good key phrase, “independent they” doesn’t fit together and “undertakings thoughtfully” doesn’t ring as a key phrase.


    And as we have words exclusive to Tibia, the entire dictionary might be counterproductive, that is why I’m thinking of the indexing of keywords and phrases.


    And that is not the only problem, after testing the words, you have to see about some variables:

    Current status: Normal, poisoned, burning, poisoned and burning, etc.

    Current open quests: Here we could control only the quests that the NPC actually gives, or from the city, or from it’s race.

    Date/Patch that the keywords where tested: This is important to track when the interaction occurred and if there is an new line with the NPC.


    For me, I’ll probably design and work on a database for the tracking and indexing of the words, but if someone is more advanced in this work and care to share something, I’d be glad to contribute.

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    As an example of wordcloud, Cip themselves put this on a facebook post.
    wordcloud cip

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    Beautiful topic! I would like to add something:
    Some npcs may answer diferently based on an item you are carrying/wearing, for example:

    Vladruc, the vampire on top of magic store in venore.
    If you try to talk to him while carrying a Garlic necklace he dosen’t answer you right. He just  answer some pre-fixed phrase to every thing you say.

    Maybe some NPCs will only answer you something you want if you have an Item?

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    Great work. This topic could be a good addition to the article.

    I recently worked up a transcription of NPC Frog. You can greet him in two different ways:

    Player: hi
    A Frog: Hi, Player.

    Player: ribbit
    A Frog: Sure, we can talk in that language too. Rrrribbit.

    So you can indeed greet some NPCs in different ways. NPC The Empress, for example, will respond to “Salutations Empress” or “Hail Empress” and teleport us out of the room. Similarly with Emperor Rehal and Kruzak. They respond on the word “Salutations” and “Hail”. I noticed that with the NPC Rehon he reacts differently to the word “bye” and “farewell”. There are a whole bunch of examples like this. It is worth describing such curiosities. They will help us to learn thoroughly some mechanics. If you haven’t yet read the article on cavemen I recommend it. There you will find some interesting conversation mechanics. I discovered it by accident. But it’s really interesting.

    Here is the link:

    I will be following this topic with great interest and will definitely post something interesting when I find more time.


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    My first try with just some of the keywords I want to try… I found an NPC with responses not in the wiki (or on the net that I was aware): Arito (Ankrahmun bartender)

    New keyword: Special

    Special -> I don’t think our city offers anything that special. Well, save for embalming fluids perhaps. Our alchemists and priests have perfected it.


    He is responding to

    Sell xxxx

    but I think it’s a bartender NPC default responses so I don’t think it’s something really new.


    Arito known keywords (besides quest, some must be a little outdated I was only searching for new ones):

    job -> I am the owner of this tavern.
    tavern -> This tavern is called the ‘Old Scarab’s Shell’.

    name -> My name is Arito.
    time -> It is exactly XX:XX.
    pharaoh -> Blessed be our saviour.
    tibianus -> A foolish king who resides over foolish mortals.

    army -> Our army is strong and unyielding.
    ferumbras -> This servant of evil won’t even dare to enter our city and to call the wrath of our pharaoh upon him.
    arena -> In the arena life challenges death. Death will be victorious in the end, but in the meantime there is much for the living to learn in preparation.
    excalibug -> Our pharaoh does not have any use for such a weapon. Powerful though it may be, it is nothing compared to his divine power.
    thais -> Thais is the capital of an insolent realm. Its people embrace life without understanding the alternative.
    tibia -> Why, this is our world of course.
    carlin -> Carlin is the twin sister of Thais. Another city that has not found the true path yet.

    news/rumors -> I’ve heard some blasphemous adventurers have excavated one of the ancient burial sites in the desert.
    darama -> This is our continent. Ankrahmun is its biggest and most marvelous city.
    darashia -> A city of the lost.
    daraman -> I know little about his heretic teachings.
    ankrahmun/city -> Our city is a marvel. It is the envy of the whole world.
    pharaoh/arkhothep -> Our pharaoh is our father, shepherd and teacher.
    mortality -> Mortality keeps us from finding our way to ascension.

    ascension -> For us mortals ascension is but a distant dream.
    Akh’rah Uthun -> The Akh’rah Uthun is what constitutes our self.
    Akh -> The Akh is our body, both in death and in life.

    undead/undeath -> Undeath is a blessing.
    Rah -> The Rah is our lifeforce. It is the source of our inner light.
    uthun -> The Uthun is what we learn and remember.
    mourn -> Mortality is a curse. That is why mortals have to be mourned.

    arena -> The arena is located close to the centre of Ankrahmun.
    palace -> The residence of our beloved pharaoh can be found to the south of the arena.
    temple -> The temple is to the east, not far from the shore.

    Special -> I don’t think our city offers anything that special. Well, save for embalming fluids perhaps. Our alchemists and priests have perfected it.

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    Also, as for now, I’m looking to edit my hotkeys outside Tibia, with the help of an sql script that generates the keywords, so, not altering the game or interfering in any way, for all purposes the client will be closed when editing the cfg file, and using my large monitor, I can address the 100 hotkeys with up to 255 characters and try everything on my list.
    It seems like a good choice to interact with the NPCs in a easy way. The script will select only unknown till now keywords/phrases and generate it in a easy way for me to open the cfg on notepad++ and paste the data already ready for the specific NPC. I open the client, all the hotkeys will have the texts, and I can go from there.

    If anyone have an easier way to select the keyphrases to paste on the game I’m all ears.


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    I do, I’m developing a simple code (…)

    We just need a good txt file with all keywords. I have one with all Items on tibia, trying to gather all the npcs, would be nice to have all keywords they respond to

    Update: Have the list with all npcs.

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    We have something similar, a database with dozens of thousands of words and a script to group it into 255 character strings. Of course, it works in the browser and we don’t interact with Tibia client in any way so it’s fully legal. So far it’s very effective.


    While I really respect that you work in Python (I learn it myself, as I work as an automation developer in rl) we cannot discuss such ideas here. I’m really sorry, but I have to edit your post. We’re joining the fansite programme very soon. Hope you understand. Please let us know however if you find anything. Just don’t explain how. 😉



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    Hey Bosst, time to share that huh? lul
    Mine is here, just parsed the files for the old NPCs. Normalized to lower case. Split composite phrases as individual keywords, as well as keeping the composite phrases.

    It’s just the database file, sqlite3 , and something I hacked together very quickly, it’s my start for now.
    Still looking on a good parsing of tibia.fandom…. And working on indexing all the newsids on too


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    @bosst Totally understood! Thank you for the warning, in any case it’s good to have a txt file with keywords for us to try!

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    “Hey Bosst, time to share that huh? lul”

    I would like to help, but we can’t share it, unfortunately. :/
    It’s our secret weapon, the main tool we use to research NPCs. It took months to build and we are still improving it to discover new interesting things for you and provide the best NPC transcriptions available on the web.

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    Yeah, I guessed it was something like that… but that’s ok I understand.

    I’ll continue my database leveraging and indexing, just have to find a little more time to complete.

    Any results I’ll put in this thread, unless it’s a discovery worth a new thread.



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