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    Player: hi / hello
    Ocelus: Greetings, dear visitor Player.
    Player: visitor / job
    Ocelus: As you can see I am a djinn. We usually don’t have jobs in your sense of the word. I am just here to watch and to listen to the music of the sea.
    Player: djinn
    Ocelus: We djinns are a powerful and proud race. But look out human, not all djinns are as nice as I am. Especially the green djinns don’t like humans at all.
    Player: eleonore
    Ocelus: I heard the birds sing about her beauty. But how could a human rival the enchanting beauty of a mermaid?
    Player: Ferumbras
    Ocelus: Even the djinns heard about that evil human. But his days of humanity are over since quite a while and he turned into something different …
    Ocelus: No human, not yet a demon. One of the champions of the dark gods. At the peak of his powers he might rival any archdemon …
    Ocelus: The only chance for humanity is to defeat him while he just returns to existence. At this time he is still weak.
    Player: governor
    Ocelus: He is some overseer of the human king, as far as I’ve understood it.
    Player: king
    Ocelus: Human kings come and go. Djinns are not such short-lived creatures and don’t care much about humans.
    Player: liberty bay / thais / venore
    Ocelus: The noisy human cities are of absolutely no interest for me.
    Player: magic currents
    Ocelus: Yes, magic is strong on these isles. In the past, two ancient races lived here. One on land and the others in the shadows of the deep sea …
    Ocelus: The creatures of the sea tried to gain control over the island. They started a war against the land dwellers during which the isle was shattered and both civilisations destroyed …
    Ocelus: All that has remained are distant memories, some of their work and the fact that the magic of the isles has turned into chaos.
    Player: pirate
    Ocelus: Many humans sail the seas, I can’t tell them apart. You humans look all the same to me.
    Player: quara
    Ocelus: The quara are the leftover minions of a powerful undersea race that once battled for the control of the magic currents here.
    Player: Raymond Striker
    Ocelus: Now that Marina and me have arranged a date, I hope this human is forgotten soon.
    Player: voodoo
    Ocelus: Some humans are tapping the energy of these isles with some strange results. Perhaps that explains the voodoo we’ve heard about.
    Player: mermaid / marina / date
    Ocelus: Marina and I have arranged a date already, I am so excited.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Ocelus: Farewell, Player.

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