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    Player: hi
    Oiriz: Hi! How nice of you to visit my gem shop!
    Player: kazordoon
    Oiriz: Back home there was too much competition for an old dwarf like me. I prefer a peaceful life with enough time for my stuff.
    Player: shop
    Oiriz: It’s a shame that I have to sell my precious gems to igno.. uhm customers who might not appreciate their value.
    Player: sell / buy / offer / stuff / ware / equipment / goods
    Oiriz: Well, I sell gems and goblets. If you’d like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
    Player: goblets
    Oiriz: Ah, our newest import! We have golden goblets, silver goblets and bronze goblets. All of them have space for a hand-written dedication.
    Player: yalahar
    Oiriz: This city has turned into an uncut diamond over the centuries. Perhaps one day someone will come and cut it.
    Player: vampire
    Oiriz: I heard they appreciate beauty, even though they are beasts.
    Player: gems
    Oiriz: You can buy and sell small diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and amethysts or sell topazes.
    Player: yalahari
    Oiriz: They are as rare as the most valuable gems. Yet, I can’t say they are as much in demand as jewels.
    Player: name
    Oiriz: I’m Oiriz Stonedigger.
    Player: alchemist quarter
    Oiriz: Plagues and destruction hold this quarter in a firm grip. Not many of the people who went there looking for treasures have ever returned.
    Player: magician quarter
    Oiriz: Well, it seems those magicians really messed things up.
    Player: trade quarter
    Oiriz: Humans come, humans go. Considering the shortness of a human’s life span, I wouldn’t bother much about a crime lord in this quarter.
    Player: foreign quarter
    Oiriz: They have quite rough attitudes in this quarter. You’ll only earn respect if you fight for it…
    Player: sunken quarter
    Oiriz: This quarter is way too wet as that any dwarf with some self-esteem would care about.
    Player: arena quarter
    Oiriz: Those gladiators have an even worse temper than a drunken dwarf. And a drunken dwarf has quite a bad temper, I tell you.
    Player: pearl
    Oiriz: There are white and black pearls you can buy or sell, as well as giant green and brown pearls which you can sell.
    Player: blood crystal
    Oiriz: Haha, they are not meant to be owned by ordinary humans. Sorry, but no.
    Player: cookies
    Oiriz: I’m not a fan of sweets.
    Player: factory quarter
    Oiriz: I guess the technomancers back in Kazordoon would love all those machines.
    Player: jewel
    Oiriz: Currently you can purchase wedding rings, golden amulets, and ruby necklaces. We also buy gold ingots.
    Player: job
    Oiriz: Selling only the finest jewels!
    Player: talon
    Oiriz: We don’t trade with them.
    Player: trade
    Oiriz: Here, take a look.
    Player: bye
    Oiriz: Good bye! Always remember where to buy the best gems and jewellery in the world!


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