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    Player: hi
    Old Adall: Hi, Player. Need a passage?
    Player: passage / sail / go / trip / route / destination
    Old Adall: I can bring you either to the east end of Port Hope or to the west end of the town, where would you like to go?
    Player: east
    Old Adall: Do you seek a passage to the east end of Port Hope for 7 gold?
    Player: west
    Old Adall: Do you seek a passage to the west end of Port Hope for 7 gold?
    Player: no
    Old Adall: Maybe another time.
    Player: east / west
    Old Adall: Do you seek a passage to the east end of Port Hope for 7 gold?
    Player: yes
    Old Adall: Here we go!
    Player: name
    Old Adall: My name is Adall but everyone is calling me old Adall.
    Player: tibia
    Old Adall: The world offers much to discover. Whether you find your fortune or your doom, it is a private thing between you and fate though.
    Player: jungle
    Old Adall: The challenge the jungle is providing is something for the young and daring. I am not going to leave the security of the town, I’ll just stay here and watch how things turn out.
    Player: watch / mocking
    Old Adall: Watches seem to tell you that not much time is left and how much time you have already lost. They only remind you of everything that is already gone and all the things you will never achieve.
    Player: time
    Old Adall: Hehe, old men have no need for watches. Watches are mocking you, you know?
    Player: elves / elfs
    Old Adall: Elves are somewhat strange but most get along well with humans.
    Player: dwarves / dwarfs
    Old Adall: Some dwarves joined the colony. They are looking for treasures and minerals in the jungle.
    Player: darama
    Old Adall: One might think it’s a strange place for an old man to settle down but I never had a child and I like to see this settlement grow and come of age in my last days .
    Player: darashia
    Old Adall: The people of Darashia are friendly. Still there is nothing exciting that would justify a voyage there.
    Player: ankrahmun
    Old Adall: That city has given me the creeps for as long as I have known about it. Whenever we sailed there, I had a bad feeling of impending doom.
    Player: thais
    Old Adall: It used to be a lovely town but over the years it has become crowded and noisy.
    Player: carlin
    Old Adall: Hehe, it’s not such a bad town for a visit, as long as you have your own alcohol on board and are not catched drunk in the city. I had to learn it the hard way and was arrested twice in my youth.
    Player: ab’dendriel
    Old Adall: A curious town of curious people but I have seen odder things during my travels.
    Player: venore
    Old Adall: Those newcomers have quite an attitude and it is growing worse with the years. Ambition, ambition. It’s all about ambition.
    Player: kazordoon
    Old Adall: I have never seen this inland town on my own.
    Player: edron
    Old Adall: Edron is not the lovely little isle people tend to think it is. There are secrets and ancient evil beneath the ground. Things that had better been left buried, have been unearthed.
    Player: ferumbras
    Old Adall: I wonder if he’s the Thaian version of the boogey man.
    Player: excalibug
    Old Adall: I heard about that weapon in each and every harbour I have visited. Never heard more than rumours though.
    Player: lizard
    Old Adall: I think they are suspicious and just because they are far away does not mean they are nice neighbours.
    Player: apes
    Old Adall: The apes are for Port Hope what the orcs are for Thais.
    Player: dworcs
    Old Adall: They are horrible little creatures. I have seen my share of various orc breeds during my travels and those dworcs are the worst of all.
    Player: job
    Old Adall: I am a ferryman now, in my youth I was a sailor though. If you want to travel to one of the ends of the town, just ask me for a passage.
    Player: sailor
    Old Adall: Aye, matey. I was a sailor and have seen much of this world.
    Player: boogey man
    Old Adall: The boogey man is only a myth to scare the children and keep them away from the jungle.
    Player: king
    Old Adall: I saw the king and even his father. Thais used the be my home port in the old times.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Old Adall: Bye.


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