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    Player: hi / hello
    Peter: Hello. Unless you have official business here or want to pass the gate, please move on.
    Player: alchemist quarter
    Peter: There it’s even more smelly than in the factory quarter. Smells a bit like rotten eggs.
    Player: arena quarter
    Peter: You don’t look as if you would last one second there.
    Player: augur
    Peter: One day I will walk into the office of my superior and announce my resignment. Probably not long from now.
    Player: cemetery quarter
    Peter: Good idea. Go for a walk there. Preferably six feet down.
    Player: factory quarter
    Peter: It’s too noisy and smelly.
    Player: foreign quarter
    Peter: Go there if you wanna get beaten up.
    Player: job / official
    Peter: Sergeant first class of the Yalaharian Guard Force. But I don’t care about ranks and titles.
    Player: magician quarter
    Peter: I can’t stand those arrogant fools.
    Player: mission
    Peter: Leave me alone with your ‘mission’ unless you have precise orders from my superiors.
    Player: name
    Peter: Peter.
    Player: pass / gate
    Peter: Pass the gate? If it must be. Are you headed for the factory or the former trade quarter?
    Player: quarter
    Peter: Count them yourself.
    Player: random word
    Peter: Listen, I don’t get paid enough to chat with citizens. Move on.
    Player: sunken quarter
    Peter: That quara brood should be extinguished.
    Player: trade quarter
    Peter: The leader of their pack is the biggest criminal among them all.
    Player: vengoth
    Peter: Listen, I don’t get paid enough to chat with citizens. Move on.
    Player: Yalahar
    Peter: You’re here. So what?
    Player: bye
    Peter: Goodbye citizen!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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