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    Player: Hi
    pig: Oink.
    Player: Name
    pig: My name is Shantalla.
    Player: Kiss
    pig: *sigh* You are truly the best kisser in the world.
    Player: Best kisser
    pig: You probably have the potential. If your kiss does not lift the curse, travel the world to learn more about kissing.
    Player: Pig
    pig: It’s just the appearance. Inside I am still the beautiful princess I used to be.
    Player: Time
    pig: Where do you think I’d wear a watch?
    Player: Prince/Curse
    pig: An evil witch has cursed me to live as a pig until the best kisser in the world gives me a kiss.
    Player: Job/Me
    pig: Once I was a beautiful princess but now I’m only an ordinary pig without much dignity!
    Player: Help
    pig: Oh please, help me to lift this curse.
    Player: Lift
    pig: Only a kiss of the king of all kissers will break the curse.
    Player: How are you?
    pig: Oh well. I am cursed to live in this unworthy shape but I still hope that the curse will be lifted one day.
    Player: Oink
    pig: Don’t kill me! I taste bad!
    Player: Bye/Farewell
     pig: Bye.



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