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    Player: hi
    Pugwah: Uh, a brave customer! Me happy to serve you delicious food and drinks.
    Player: name
    Pugwah: Me Pugwah.
    Player: food
    Pugwah: Food has to be rotten to gain flavour! No need for expensive spices!
    Player: drinks
    Pugwah: Me offer bread, cheese, ham, or meat. And drinks. If you like? Ask Pugwah for trade.
    Player: trade
    Pugwah: Good, good! Take look at yummy food good Pugwah sells.
    Player: dworc
    Pugwah: Me came here with little canoe. Great storm making bshhhh bshhh! Trying to drown little Pugwah! But no no! Pugwah row row row and escape! Then long long only water. …
    Pugwah: But Pugwah have fishing rod. Many fish and drinking rain making Pugwah’s stomach sick but then Pugwah seeing city! At first Pugwah wanting eat everyone in city but Pugwah small and lonely. …
    Pugwah: But Pugwah also smart very much! Hunting rats and selling stew Pugwah become rich! Soon buy old house and making tavern! Every one comes and eats! Stupid people selling rotten stuff so cheap, Pugwah making fortune by cooking it!
    Player: food
    Pugwah: Food has to be rotten to gain flavour! No need for expensive spices!
    Player: buy / sell / offer / stuff / drink / ware / goods / equipment
    Player: yalahar
    Pugwah: Biiiiig city. Soooo many opportunity to find something rotten to make a stew or sausage!
    Player: vampire
    Pugwah: Me bite back!! Pugwah swear!
    Player: mummy
    Pugwah: Me find him in box with exquisite stinky old meat I ordered!
    Player: alchemist quarter
    Pugwah: I know people go there, come back green as dworc!
    Player: trade quarter
    Pugwah: Big chieftain West there master is.
    Player: arena quarter
    Pugwah: Good area for hunt.
    Player: foreign quarter
    Pugwah: Lot of different people around in quarter.
    Player: sunken quarter
    Pugwah: Now fish there live.
    Player: magician quarter
    Pugwah: Big bad voodoo they making. Stay away! Stay away!
    Player: blood crystal
    Pugwah: Big red crystal. Some people talk about it in my tavern. But strange people those are!
    Player: job
    Pugwah: Me great cook! Only ingredients most rotten find way in my stews!
    Player: cookies
    Pugwah: No thanks. Me mummy says no take food from strangers.
    Player: factory quarter
    Pugwah: People there mean, I don’t go there. Thinking they want to eat Pugwah.
    Player: bye
    Pugwah: Coming back soon to taste me special meat, Player.


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